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Thursday, January 03, 2008

The ways of memory

So its like this. Happened twice in almost two months. Before that the last time it happened was when Shilpa Shetty was riding the sine wave of media hotness and generally being lusted after by the British public. A conversation with K reminded me of the only thing I could remember Shilpa till that time, this absolutely zing bollywood song with Akshay Kumar where both of them were dancing to the supple tunes of market liberalization. For all my bread and bollywood I couldn’t get it out, while C whose only bollywood knowledge is Lagaan which she had managed to watch, apparently mesmerised in crowded halls of Jaipur while backpacking India. She kept on singing radaaaa kaisa na jaale, a Hindu song written, composed and performed by all Muslims. But all my efforts to get out the song stopped at the tip of the tongue and finally after much it was forgotten until some fine day it came perfectly like an orgasm and as joyous when some smug advert mentioned about stolen hearts. Yes Churake dil mera.

Of late the experiences have been slightly but not wholly different. Last month of the last month , while discussing Islam with C, he happened to quote a lot of books, Rajmohan’s Understanding the Muslim Mind , Vidia Bhai’s Islam journey and also, in the context Invading the sacred, a book, a defence by Hindu scholars against the attack on Hindu scriptures by American academicians.
He reserved much of his scorn for Wendy Doninger often referring to her as a kid. Then I thought I had heard the name somewhere and finally when I caught up, it came to me , she was the first girlfriend of Francis Ford Coppola , this scholar at Chicago. Her fame being the first girl Francis kissed. What fun! History will record that first.

Next, was catching up with Alan Bennett’s what I did not do in 2007 on LRB where one of his entries referred to Denis Brogan, an authority on USA who had claimed to have fucked in 46 of 50 states in USA. Brogan and the associative --scholar on USA sounded vaguely familiar , so I had to had to validate the recesses of memory , hence woke up troubling a few others and waded through my book racks to eventually find the Penguin history of USA by Hugh Brogan. But couldn’t find the connection though and finally at mane wiki did the favour that Hugh was the son of Denis. The question now is in whichof the 46 states was Hugh conceived?


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what on earth.

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