-A window ajar is a prelude in building to the joy of being limitless! That uneasiness of being familiar somehow, sometime, somewhere.......

Friday, January 28, 2005

Of Cities and Tales...

Canary Wharf

What is that ineffable feeling which seizes you the moment you are about to bid that eventual adieu to the city?
A silence built upon a million memories: of roads, faces, shires, bus-numbers, loves, parking spaces, accents, libraries, pubs, mistakes, cafes,slangs, weather and even a radio station…..
Any city isn’t just a city.
It’s a story.
Of yourself.
You move and the cities move with you.
You carry them around in your head.
Tales of forever.
Wonderful treasures and wistful haunts, companions of distant gazes and evening teas.....

Festival Park

* In the science of addictions it is said that it takes 21 consecutive days to push an 'habit' from conscious to unconscious. Same about de-addiction.Wilful wresting of such wisdom keeps one healthy!

*Am chasing books built around the backdrop of various cities(Ulysses-Dublin,Malgudi days-Mysore..types); Not travellogue(On the Road), or story types (A tale of two cities);
So any Suggestions, Recalls, Recos are welcome!

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Buddha's Dilemma

Buddha's Dilemma.

That life is worth living is the most necessary of assumptions and, were it not assumed, the most impossible of conclusions.
~~George Santayana.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Apologies to Norah....

Another two minute poetry project till the microwave howls the shout.

Apologies to Norah

Wish just like a three year old
I could grab
a red and yellow crayon
make many many lines whorls ugly figures,
in a mad joy
and call them sun moon sky god;
But somewhere on the way
I lent the crayons:
one to Aristotle
another to social courtesy

now I wade through insomnia
trying to pluck painful fruits of words
from the tree
they call poetry…..

Monday, January 03, 2005

Purpose-Black and white

Purpose black and white...(16/10/2003-Calicut)

~The search for an art..... either in the making or in the appreciation....is the most terrifying adventure imaginable.....If you accept the full adventure of this course, you will surely lose your mortal soul!.....you will be changed so that your mother will never recognise you, so that your father will disown you your friends betray you, your loved ones live in terror of you......but then all these things happen any way.......... so what you have to lose....
----Stan Brakhage lecturing in the school of the Art Institute of Chicago (Fall1971)

~You made me confess the fears that I have. But I will tell you also what I do not fear. I do not fear to be alone or to be spurned for another or to leave whatever I have to leave. And I am not afraid to make a mistake, even a great mistake, a lifelong mistake, and perhaps as long as eternity too.
----The portrait of an artist as a Young man


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