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Friday, January 28, 2005

Of Cities and Tales...

Canary Wharf

What is that ineffable feeling which seizes you the moment you are about to bid that eventual adieu to the city?
A silence built upon a million memories: of roads, faces, shires, bus-numbers, loves, parking spaces, accents, libraries, pubs, mistakes, cafes,slangs, weather and even a radio station…..
Any city isn’t just a city.
It’s a story.
Of yourself.
You move and the cities move with you.
You carry them around in your head.
Tales of forever.
Wonderful treasures and wistful haunts, companions of distant gazes and evening teas.....

Festival Park

* In the science of addictions it is said that it takes 21 consecutive days to push an 'habit' from conscious to unconscious. Same about de-addiction.Wilful wresting of such wisdom keeps one healthy!

*Am chasing books built around the backdrop of various cities(Ulysses-Dublin,Malgudi days-Mysore..types); Not travellogue(On the Road), or story types (A tale of two cities);
So any Suggestions, Recalls, Recos are welcome!


Vijayalaxmi said...

Yeah, cities move with you. They grow on you and become a part of you. That way, you never actually leave a city.

Anonymous said...

long time no post :(

I like u'r portrayal of the urban jungle :)

luz de la luna said...

PPPFFT!!! What can I say but wow! Love the 2 photographs and the words that go with them. I especially really like the Canary Wharf photo and the text. Great photo and great words. Really like the angle. I am inspired. May try something like that myself. Thanks a lot :-)

Good to see more from you!

Best Wishes
:: Luna ::

Anonymous said...

You are a constant source of inspiration for me!

. : A : . said...

I always thought that the relationship one shares with a city is incestuous. And that is how you become a part of each other. Love the "Canary Wharf" picture.


Sudarshan said...

Very nicely written Uber....but the comparison between the present and the previous never ends. I always felt Bangalore was better when I studied in Mysore and now that I am back in Bangalore, how much I miss the city of palaces.

Pincushion said...

'Any city isn’t just a city.
It’s a story.
Of yourself'

so apt, so right ! beautiful pic n text. Canary Wharf, my neighbourhood..well, almost :)

Ubermensch said...

thank u .

Luna, T.O.,
thanks for the kind words,

: A : ,
Thanks...hmmm incestous is an interesting usage.

yup, some are cherished,some haunted....either way no escape.thanks..

thank u, living near canary wharf is a delight except for the tube journeys during rush hours....:))

:..M..: said...

After so long I come back home and what do I see? A perfect description of all my travels around!

Although, I might need to disagree with one thing. It takes 21 days to form a habit as an unconscious one, part of the system. Yes. But it takes only 3 days to forget it. So de-addiction's faster! Or so it seems.

Havokinthemind said...

Am back :)
loved this post... esp "Any city isn’t just a city.
It’s a story.
Of yourself"

So true... tho you also keep leaving bits of it behind for other people who visit to stumble upon and wonder... i suppose..

on the recalls bit- while this is not strictly a one-city book... Midnight's Children -Bombay (wud be blasphemy to call it Mumbai in this context)

Ubermensch said...

hey M,
Thnks indeed;regding the deaddiction, wish it was as easier as you said....deaddiction automatically(this word means alot) presupposes that ur dealing with a ful fledged addiction:))

glad ur back...and thanks,
for the reco; it is blasphemy indeed!

Loxias said...

Aaaaaah, London, beloved city.

Ubermensch said...

hey loxias thanks for dropping by....
beloved indeed beloved...sigh....!

kale-e-do-scope said...

indeed dude! Love moving around and am 100% tuned with your feeling. The spirit of cities exists.
Loads of books on cities, specially on my present city, Paris... way to many to quote any.

Anonymous said...

Take a look at Calvino's 'Invisible Cities'

Selections here:


Ubermensch said...

thank u kale e do scope....im still lumbering ....shallcatch with ya soon...
sashi...thanks....? someone suggested lock stock and smokin barrells ...now must admit...it covers some real nooks of london...

Perfect Virgo said...

The listing angle and the twilight are a very interesting portrayal of a familiar scene. Great.

Ubermensch said...

Thank you....the snap I talked about is different...almost a photostat of urs..save for the tilt.

El enigma said...

just going thru some of ur old posts.....remembered I had liked this one a lot....

isn't it amazing what all is etched in our memories while we uknowingly take the journey thru time.....all the while thinking that what is important is maybe our association with people and not with places....neways, a nice post :)


El enigma said...

oh...and forgot....regarding books built around cities....have u read 'An Equal Music'? If I remembere right, the story is built around the backdrop of London...that apart, it's a beautiful book...


Ubermensch said...

enig thank u.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it!

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