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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Mobile- moi bile?

As if the internet dint suffice the spin doctors have now taken into the mobile communication to campaign their products- last week I had three texts and a call which in all professional euphemism talked about 'certain-options' available.

Well, to confess , I am not in love with my mobile, any mobile for that matter. To me,the only purpose of mobiles is to avoid robinson crusoe situations. Oh , if you are wondering, thats not impossible as well - listen to this- the signal connectivity at my home is pathetic.im stranded in my own place. Its horrible to have a phone with unpredictable connectivity. I end up missing all important calls and have to be stuck at the door between the kitchen and the dining room to maintain a conversation without sayin err waaat ? waaaaaaaaaat? I think we r breaking.......
hmmm, well its not that bad always, it really cums in handy when I want to cut an unwanted conversation , I just say waat waat ? waaaaaat ? n get away with that....


Another interesting incident of mobile conversations
I was driving with my supervisor and I got this call.. a lovely female voice

may i know who's this?
is that ubermensch?
Speakin,.. pardon me dunno who's this?
well u know me..ah, can u guess ?
Had my supervisor not been there, I would have said something like oh yeah TRINITY? or something like that.Moreover I had a this vague feeling that my supervisor could make out the conversation effortlessly.
so ,
well im sorry , im not good at guessing, tell me ?
Ah not so soon dear, clue 1..u know me.

I quizzed, well anyone who knew me would be aware I would be on work at that time and moreover they wudnt exactly like being object of my affection the next time we meet. So gotta be sumone else , well the ex-es ? hmmm again slim chance, they wudnt be my ex-es if they loved me so much to play 20 questions over phone!
I thought it was time to cut it and do it without blood.

Im sorry I think there must be some misunderstanding..?
NO, don u remember me... second clue then....

who wud be so juvenile ? I had enuff.

Im sorry ill have to go now please call me later.

I put the thing in its place and focussed staring at the road ahead.

An old friend i said, Perhaps to account myself.

My supervisor replied ' seems u ve got sum admirers' without taking her eyes away from the road .

Kodak moment.!! i was like a breathing beetroot.

Speaking of mobile-conversations, this one I had yesterday should take the cake,
Voice:hello ?
Me: hello ?
Voice:This is XXXX from BMW leeds, im afraid sir, the silver colour is delayed.
Me: er waat?
Voice: Im sorry sir , I know this is frustrating, but please bear with us, ull be driving the car by next week.
Me: er rr... okay .
I must admit that for a moment I pictured myself in the silver BMW (yeah i-pod included) cruising on M6 .
Voice: sir?
Me: I think uve got the wrong number...
Voice:isnt this.....XXXXX?
Me:im afraid its YYYY?
For a brief moment one of those silences often referred as pregnant ensued , with both parties feeling guilty for concieving it. What followed was profuse bleeding of english apologies.

so long,

Friday, October 22, 2004

The glorious mysore palace Posted by Hello

golden howdah Posted by Hello

Mysore is not just a city, it is a state of mind; it is said that mysore can consume all the coffee in the world, all mysoreans are complusive coffee drinkers.Mysore is a retro version of bangalore- laid back, dreamy, ruthlessly conservative - open for ideas but values are non negotiable,very few cities in the world have as rich a cultural heritage as mysore.
I rememeber all this because today is Dasara- the state festival of mysore. It symobilses the the victory of the good over the evil, the right against the wrong.The celebrations last for 9 nights culminating in the ayudha pooja - the worship of weapons- when all the tools, instruments, are cleaned and worshipped - the last day is the royal dasara procession where the goddess chamundi is carried in a 750 kgs golden howdah from the royal palace around the main streets of the city.
One example where a profound tradition speaks for itself without having the need to raise a hue n cry in front of the Macdonalds

Thursday, October 21, 2004

free style

hmmm, fishing out some random thoughts
ego, sex, blog, mind, god, love, no, hell, yes, why? why do all important things are so small.?
Why do I fall in love with strange voices, gwen stefani and mary dolores? Hard to get audio , seldom played on radio
How many times doesn’t that happen, you have it right in front of you and you cant see it or don’t see it…and when you find out where it was all the time …even a curse sounds a shame. comb, spectackles, keychains are fine but what if it's life..... what if u have your life in front of u and u don see it.....??? There has to be an explanation for such happenings?
Rick-shaw. bogartish applecart.light of dawn.8:29am.sloth .ummmmm hmmmmmmm. Open lids, 8:51,rush hurry.brush 20 seconds, shower gruuuuuuuushhhhhh 39 seconds, dress up , where's my matching tie? Shit. Wuff huff , die or lie.wuff huff, skip sandwich. muffin cream on first break okay? Wuff huff run run run, swipe card, yes….made it 8:57 6 minutes new record … hehe congrats, old record kitna? 8 minutes. Next goal: aim for 4 minutes.
Hi….. there…. how u doin?
Why is this always levelled against disciplines that have greater responsibilities to explain the uncertainties? I am sick and tired of people bashing Sigmund Freud and analysis. His was probably one of the imaginative answers supported with decent proof, and If your whole generation develops a defence mechanism for a graded stimulus over aperiod of time and space, what can he do? And why is that analysis is just not forgiven like an old software say windows 97? Is it because it involves your mom? If it’s a yes, you are lying to yourself and your mom.
S P O N T A N E O U S... just the word is so sexy
How would you describe that? That slow rendition of stillness, where patterns fold back onto themselves to produce a fleeting moment of completeness, leaving no doors ajar for doubt.I’ve tried to put my best will to pause, regard and feel the intensity of such moments, but every time, I give up, not with a sense of defeat but with an air of accomplishment. It reminds me of being human, and it happens in such variety.Regard this moment, for instance…. …, when u feel love, when you hear her breathing in your face, see her lips waiting for yours and suddenly it’s all vivid, all those asking, searching, reading, thinking… all your life has come to this … all thoughts fall dead and there’s only one impulse, one choice…...have you ever tried to hold back and ask yourself anything? May be you haven’t .May be you know its futile. May be deep down you know are yourself and you don’t have to ask yourself… anything. Incredible.........
Even the sun in this part of the world, comes to work early and goes back late, so its bright even most part of the night, from 4 am to 10 pm. Now, that’s a real prick for maniacs like me who grow with darkness. Once I came back dead tired from the work and hit the sack and when I happen to wake up, it was 9’o clock and I didn’t know if it was day or night, damn! if it was day I hadda be in my wards fortunately it was still night.
hit this site on idiot, absolute delight....very original , zero adverts...

  • idiot
  • definitely a must-read for all fundamental idiot fans!
    havin this aweful flu for the last two days; in my delirium, tried sleep deprivation with food deprivation for the first time together, 12 hrs was expected, after 20 hrs started hallucinating...guess what???? 100 cigarettes hanging by the air and two hands walking randomly , music in the background...philadelphia title song..... that was lovely, awesome.... must try again but very demanding... research area........
    use recycled oxygen....so long,

    Monday, October 18, 2004

    orkut-an experimental matrix.....?

    To borrow Andy and Larry Wachowski's words.....Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment. But you humans do not. You move to an area and you multiply and multiply until every natural resource is consumed and the only way you can survive is to spread to another area.....................

    One text book example of this is the orkut; like all other marvelllous concepts which are too good to be belived, we predictably shall secure our beliefs rather than the truth. So let's explode our contacts and join all the communities and be happy at our own stupidities.....This again reaffirms my beliefs in the hierarchy http://13th-deja-vu.blogspot.com/2004/08/false-positives-but-needed.html#comments; only the people who can be responsible must be given the power of choice, because with great powers comes great responsibilities......(any spiderman's dad can tell u that).... and if u flip through the pages of history, humans are never very prudent with choice and power......
    decline and falll..... we are almost there aldous

    Wednesday, October 13, 2004

    Paradoxes and cocktails

    Okie, to be honest, I never enjoyed the cocktail conversations.. yup unless its something very shallow as hegel's cultural overbearings or the wisdom of french in the contemorary war; Ive never got my head around very profound issues like, bollywood or beckham's performance , which in effect means social suicide in 21st century routine.
    You can dress in an orange sweater and purple tie with a smiling face of orungutan on it but you cant afford to give out an inch of your ignorance regarding matters of serious social concerns. So most of the times ill just nod and smile, yeah both should go together. Dont fret its not that bad;You woudnt mind it so much if are drunk, in fact many a times youll enjoy it!

    So when you get a gal who is bit more informed about trivial issues in every sense of word, the conversations feel a lot better to be heard especially if you are in it... I dont know why it always reminds me off the college hostel terrace where some retarded friends used to discuss the nature of universe with all conviction in their beliefs both in concurrence and differences.
    So this conversation was giving me pangs of nostalgia and we drifted happily into evolution of music and everything was steered well until we reached the winter of 20th century when we climaxed into one particular band with ill defined genre as they encompass and expand into several genres.... it made us both happy that we shared an ocean of reverence for this particular band.
    The question inevitably drifted into their best song, she said 'man who sold the world'....and i said come as you are'.... and booom ..........world fell apart... we ended up giving a big list why our songs were better for the rest of night.....ofcourse even our consensus for the second best song as 'scentless apprentice' didnt satiate our appetites for the perfect match.

    Who said the life is not a paradox??
    never mind anyway.......:-

    Tuesday, October 12, 2004

    unwanted song of the brave

    unwanted song of the brave...........

    last of the unsung
    who never tried to be heroes,
    breathed amongst us
    tiny little
    the lesser
    took over
    in celebration!

    Friday, October 08, 2004

    mind ur language

    u ask me? whats all these amusing wordplay goin to get u at? ya all these templates of blogs n stuff n all that u know...language eh? wasnt she a whore of the mind all the time....? when has she been faithful? wud u dare to advance any theory to counter that? eh....word appears inadequate across all universes to the task of conveying thought, then we all sit here and glorify all the bards? to what end? go on , tell me .... did we need a wittegenstein to arrest such a thought?......we are alone and exclusive and though momentary we shall be surpassing that, all revolutions fade like a ice cream on a beach......awaiting the herald of yet another revolt, in the meantime we shall delude our premises in values, cause we are flawed and we are human and we shall not get outside it, for it lay in our language and language seemed to repeat it to us inexorably........... alrightie then , blog on.... but check ur premises....
    ps: like their kindred these above words are awaitin erosion.... ah.

    Monday, October 04, 2004

    pastelwork of an invisible painter....

    these are the dying moments of the day, the language calls it evening.ive chosen a bench on this small hillock of this countryside to drown my weariness.

    i squirm in my seat to bend and get a look at where i am, the view from here is awesome... i wish i was a painter for a few hours....., i catch myself in a waning smile.. tentative, nothing more amusing than talking within oneself.......thats how we build ...lost and found within oneself.
    i let me eyes wander down and the entire length of the slope is taken by lush green grass.. oblivious of attention of little butterflies.surprisingly i find no rocks.it reminds me of preschool children scribbling with crayons to come out with green and yellow ...... another dying smile..
    i gaze further down beyond the feet of the hillock, there to my extreme left is an intersect of multilaned motorways...cutting themselves majestically .....would love to see them empty....no oblige today, they stand mute witnesses to cars flowing....the cars suddenly respond to the signals ..pause , slow down queuing up one behind another and then they start again lazily creeping and then they pick up.....i play with their colors trying to amuse myself by predicting the next color . it gets monotonous.... symmetry is beyond man....?hmmm, no stupid..if it was what about love.....??
    i give up.
    pull my point of focus more away , theres a tail of big fly-over..u can hardly make anything there , but you can hear it whistle... in a roar.. zoom .. zoooooom ...... zoooooooooom , everytime a load truck cuts across it leaves a roar of gasp...... i try to listen more intent, but somethings scares me there.. may be its the speed or the sound...i cant make up.....

    i escape to my right...

    there u see ... old victorian houses in dozens , many of them like match boxes in shades of brown...like soldiers in a combat uniform ready for the march...i catch two with long chimneys.. one's smoking....and the houses next to him are losing their charm ... by passive smoking.
    i pull myself down over the inviting grass and look upwards....there is an air of invisible curtains coming down.i find the dying sun in the west..he seems busy as if in a parting smooch to his beloved mistress sky and shes responding by blushing in a rainbow of reds..bright, blood crimson , scarlet, why even orange n purple.....they call this refraction.!!i close my eyes...i want to be lost..... i know i cant take more.

    Friday, October 01, 2004

    on terrorism

    ive been trying to put my mind on paper regarding terrorism , but lil time.so i finally thought if i left space...\illl defintely make time to write abt it....coz its worth writing about...... so
    watch this space......

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