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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Paradoxes and cocktails

Okie, to be honest, I never enjoyed the cocktail conversations.. yup unless its something very shallow as hegel's cultural overbearings or the wisdom of french in the contemorary war; Ive never got my head around very profound issues like, bollywood or beckham's performance , which in effect means social suicide in 21st century routine.
You can dress in an orange sweater and purple tie with a smiling face of orungutan on it but you cant afford to give out an inch of your ignorance regarding matters of serious social concerns. So most of the times ill just nod and smile, yeah both should go together. Dont fret its not that bad;You woudnt mind it so much if are drunk, in fact many a times youll enjoy it!

So when you get a gal who is bit more informed about trivial issues in every sense of word, the conversations feel a lot better to be heard especially if you are in it... I dont know why it always reminds me off the college hostel terrace where some retarded friends used to discuss the nature of universe with all conviction in their beliefs both in concurrence and differences.
So this conversation was giving me pangs of nostalgia and we drifted happily into evolution of music and everything was steered well until we reached the winter of 20th century when we climaxed into one particular band with ill defined genre as they encompass and expand into several genres.... it made us both happy that we shared an ocean of reverence for this particular band.
The question inevitably drifted into their best song, she said 'man who sold the world'....and i said come as you are'.... and booom ..........world fell apart... we ended up giving a big list why our songs were better for the rest of night.....ofcourse even our consensus for the second best song as 'scentless apprentice' didnt satiate our appetites for the perfect match.

Who said the life is not a paradox??
never mind anyway.......:-


T.O. said...

Good to see you back and regularly posting again. I am not a fan of the shallowness of it all either, but I guess if there weren't shallow cocktail conversation topics, a lot of unintelligent people wouldn't have anything to do except drink.

Ubermensch said...

if it wasnt of shallow cocktail conversations there wudnt be any unintelligent people at all TO..:-

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