-A window ajar is a prelude in building to the joy of being limitless! That uneasiness of being familiar somehow, sometime, somewhere.......

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Drinking metaphors...

This table is our couch,
the drink I buy you
is our pillow.
You lean and confide,
In this moment here, now-
I can only pity your despair.
All thought dear,
is a veneer, waiting to be

corroded by time;
all bonds are
'basically' built by bricks of emotion.

Perhaps yes, I wonder
or pretend to

fiddle with my glass;
In a brief silence,
I try to reach out to your pity

while you take out your cigarette.

I cant.
Do you know, I ask, the difference
between a cake and a biscuit?
……No ,
Both are 'essentially' made of same,
just , one gets harder with time and the other

I utter, lighting your cigarette.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Saatchi sketch...

Rough live sketch of the statue opposite Saatchi Gallery, London.
Quite mediocre but started again after a long long time.

Monday, March 20, 2006


Sunshine, we all see the same sky
Looking, learning, asking the same 'why?'
-Belle and Sebastian, Song for Sunshine.

What milieus we have moved? What milieu holds us? What milieu we hold?

How we are and where we go? Sundown at the Docks, Preston, Lancashire.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Anatomy of Post-modern Relationship...

      PUSH -LLUP         strictly prohibited

Look Right pull/push

Push bar to open
No U turn

Fire Exit<---- PUSH mind the gap
    .... SLOW ....   CAUTION!               
 ----------> you are here <-----------  
 HSUP -LLUP                 No entry 
      ----> Fire Exit

Restricted access


Look Right No smoking

24 hours clamping in place hsup


Fragile HANDLE WITH CARE Wet Floor

Take a left after hundred yards and you have reached your destination

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


So one such evening when you could be fairly sure it is going rain, Harry, looking into her eyes, asked Linda if she would marry him. But it was the way he asked her.
''Linda, should you say no now, someday if by the turn of events I have to face a firing squad , I shall remember the distant afternoon I discovered you''.
Unfortunately for him she said yes .
Twenty nine months later, one winter morning, Harry woke from troubled dreams, to find himself transformed into a giant horrible vermin.

Pubtales: A Short writeup we usually do in a pub/hangout while waiting for beloveds to turn up.Mostly based on the interesting people seen around in the pub.Can also be seen in the movie ' Wonder Boys'.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Perpetual ent Pilgrimage....

All the trees in the world are journeying somewhere.Perpetual pilgrimage.Remember, when we were on our way here, to this city, the trees traveling past the windows of our railroad car? Remember the twelve poplars conferring about how to cross the river?
~Vladimir Nabokov

~Somewhere abouts Yorkshire, it was a beautiful day, the sun smiled in the barenaked sky and the earth seemed to open her heart in a wishful embrace.A memory of a mood retrieved, coloured and safe-kept in the chest to cherish.

I shot this from a moving car. Yes , I could say Im getting a hang of it.

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