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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Anatomy of Post-modern Relationship...

      PUSH -LLUP         strictly prohibited

Look Right pull/push

Push bar to open
No U turn

Fire Exit<---- PUSH mind the gap
    .... SLOW ....   CAUTION!               
 ----------> you are here <-----------  
 HSUP -LLUP                 No entry 
      ----> Fire Exit

Restricted access


Look Right No smoking

24 hours clamping in place hsup


Fragile HANDLE WITH CARE Wet Floor

Take a left after hundred yards and you have reached your destination


Anonymous said...

are there no other people ? There seems to be an absence of 'the other' in your world, it is all too clever, too insular, but readable........

Ubermensch said...

True,This was seeded from a spark, that I couldnt convey without spoiling it.Im so glad you seemed to have picked up.
Html is fessing up, not happy.

misch said...

but uber, this disconnectedness is true of post-modern life itself. every interaction seems like that save those real interactions... like we r burning one eternal spliff!

Finny Forever said...

the spliff expert has spoken :)

Ubermensch said...

Agree with you misch, But our relationships are metaphors of the persons we are inside and the lives we make out of it.
we burn we shine.
Thanks for dropping by


Rajesh said...

oh I agree that relationships are all about roadmaps, signposts and its spatial interpretations.

I like the way you used space and who knows a better hand at html should do you good.

Reminded me of Calvino's Castle of crossed destinies. Calvino cleverly used tarot cards spatially in the text as well as intelligent motifs.

I leave now pondering a calvinoesque literature that can be built around this piece of yours :)

Ubermensch said...

Yes, I think we condition ourselves such that relationship always means external; something between us as an entity and others, we easily forget it has a great bearing how we relate to ourselves inside. We deal based on our understanding of ourselves and others deal with us the same way.
In recent times, it has become so shallow and fragmented , I thought how easily it could be represented by our day to day signposts.Given the constraints , I have to settle for this depcition, my original thought was to depict it as a pop art collage.Hope to work on it, Im sure it would be more emphatic in essence and presence.
This I ve loosely based this on Erik Erikson's ideas.


I just finished Hermit, and started with Marcovaldo, and as I went through the biblography, I noticed how much of calvino is yet to be read, Castle being on of them. Im pushing it up the waiting list, Thanks for your view.

d.K.m said...

Hsup - LLup!

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