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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

favorite movie scenes

Ars gratia arts – arts for arts sake , so runs the caption of the MGM , the colossal movie giant. But art being a channel of creative expression has the powerful ability to seep deep into the lives and dissolve with the souls to unleash stronger emotions. Especially with the movies, the boundary between the reenactment and reality seem to blur into a slice of life itself.. Here are some of my favorite movie scenes of all times, don’t try to look for order, its random and chaotic...and since im doing it parallel with a dozen other tasks im afraid that i may have missed some of the fav ones..... but for now..
CASINO: opening sequence, fav of all time...just sheer genius of scorsese
SCHINDLERS LIST : the gal in the red frock, kinda conveys the essnce of the movie, subtle but strong.
FORREST GUMP: when forrest learns he is a father n when he tells jenny that she was with him always....
BEAUTIFUL MIND: the cafe pens sequence ...the tormented days
GODFATHER too many,:horse scene, baptism scene, n when michael says, "today i settled some old family business,moe green is dead , so is schatzi, tattaglia.........."just the intensity in his eyes...no wonder they said... u went in to watch brando n came out talking pacino
BEN HUR: chariot scene for unbelivable conception
AMERICAN BEAUTY: the dining room scene , n my fav the polythene bag sequence....
T2: the chase
WHEN HARRY MET SALLY: the fake orgasm scene "when u want to spend the rest of ur life with someone u want that to start rest of ur life asap" what else?
SILENCE OF THE LAMBS:"I happened officer clarice u cannot reduce me to a set of influences."... antony hopkins as lecter is chilling in any frame
TAXI DRIVER: "are u talking to me"? absolute Brilliance
HEAT: the restaurant scene...just to catch the masters in the same frame
SCENT OF THE WOMAN: the climax , pacino defines acting
AS GOOOD AS IT GETS: the compliment scene, jack nicholson with cuba gooding jr
FALLEN: climax is divine....
ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOOS NEST: many the silent sober gestures and ofcourse jack nicholson
GONE WITH THE WIND: last scene... haunting indeed
CASABLANCA: last scene very lyrical
APOCALYPSE NOW: climax...n everything everyframe its a classics reference
CLEAR N PRESENT DANGER: the terrorist attack sequence
MEMENTO: the first 20mins is a marvel
MATRIX: the architect scene, meeting the oracle n busting the matrix... spoon boy scene..many more
RAGING BULLl: all the boxing sequences....amazing..
SEX LIES N VIDEOTAPE: the conversations... poetic soderberg at his best
RAINMAKER: climax ....sense of unfulfillment haunting
GOODWILL HUNTING: climax... the break up of the complex scene
TRAFFIC: benicio del tero ....
GATTACA: when ethan hawke says to his brother that he never worried abt swimming back...
REALITY BITES ethan hawke nobody can eat 50 eggs... yess.
LOVE STORY: very obvious the climax....
INDECENT PROPOSAL:" even a brick wants to be something"
JERRY MCGUIRE: last 2 – 3 reels
GANDHI: many, the train travel sequence, courtroom scenes
GOOD BAD UGLY: bathtub one
PULP FICTION: opening scene, jacksons bible recital , the tomato joke... keitel's trouble shooting
12 MONKEYS: bradd pitt
FIGHT CLUB: first n last 10 mins
BUTCH CASSIDY…..: hotel scene
GIRL INTERRUPTED: the song outside the ward door
SAVING PVT RYAN: "lets get something out of this mess"
CIDER HOUSE RULES: "I look at u and it hurts"…. Tobey the unlikely hero
BEACH : moonlit beach scene
Im pretty sure that ive missed some really good ones.......just cant excavate them right now...


hmmm,back after a loong time! the last 48 hrs have been absolutely awesome,just navigating london aimlessly through undergound tubes, escalators and buses to an extent that i was seeing the escalators, zillion strange faces watching intently inside the train and why even a tube map while fast asleeep.
i asked myself one question....so was it overwhelming? , i must say no, just exciting,this time as i knew london more than last time i knew what to avoid and where to spend more time, the regular attractions obviously disappointed;the things i would carry home were
visiting the lords stadium-the lush green outfield,the legendary pitch and the popular media box , absolutely numbiiiinnnng!
221b baker street, second time but as ahuge sherlock holmes fan i don mind

  • sleeping in the hyde park....reminded me of college days.
  • the greenwich- where the world belives time started
  • the canary wharf- i know its no manhattan but nobody can deny canary wharf the charm.
  • the tubes are absolutely delight to indulge....
  • london, definitely is lovely and amazing but not worth settling down..........

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    Friday, September 24, 2004

    on rails

    hmmm...back after a deliberate sabbatical, just woke up after a long london night out; lets go back to uor favorite pastime.. trying to understand the nature of universe......(with full awareness of the futility of such an excursion)!!

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