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Friday, October 28, 2005

Car n Love....

                    L--o- V... e ?

Ro mA.A.A.A.n?tic lovE

PlaToniC)( love ??
                                        filial *l[ov]e?

l-O-v- E?

S-t-i-l-l a love?


Big car ?

s........l......oooo..w ca..r



B /r\k O e n \ car

s--t--i--l--l a car ?


PS: From Minghella's English patient.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Twilight song of the autumn.....

whispers of silhouettes
fade into
darkness of
dead papyrus leaves

an ancient
while waiting
for the last bus

someone's wearing
the same perfume
she used to ....

we could be still friends, you know

we consoled each other

an embrace

deep soulful sigh
a momentary funeral
for the two,

the bus advances
to the future
through the
lingering aromas
of the past....

Monday, October 10, 2005

The Story of Thirteen benches.....

More of the benchtime stories.....

One of the absolutely ethereal haunts on the planet: Hyde Park opposite Serpentine.

The halogen washed 'quarter-backs' in Stratford .

The odd rectangular opposite Tower of London.

The red draped hematites in a train station- somewhere abouts Yorkshire.

For the just about minimalists : Piccadilly gardens , Manchester.

The famous Lord's balcony-Marylebone, London.

The Lancashire statement!

More of Hyde Park Fever.

The gorgeous entrail of a snugly arc : Colchester, Essex.

The cream curve covering the Windsor castle, Windsor. Had to wait like seventeen minutes to catch it vacant.

The irresistible circle in the shades: near Tower Bridge.

Perhaps the oldest in my collection(dating BC): Overlooking The roman bath, Bath, North east Somerset.

The royal property at the Windsor Gardens, Windsor and Maidenhead.

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