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Monday, October 10, 2005

The Story of Thirteen benches.....

More of the benchtime stories.....

One of the absolutely ethereal haunts on the planet: Hyde Park opposite Serpentine.

The halogen washed 'quarter-backs' in Stratford .

The odd rectangular opposite Tower of London.

The red draped hematites in a train station- somewhere abouts Yorkshire.

For the just about minimalists : Piccadilly gardens , Manchester.

The famous Lord's balcony-Marylebone, London.

The Lancashire statement!

More of Hyde Park Fever.

The gorgeous entrail of a snugly arc : Colchester, Essex.

The cream curve covering the Windsor castle, Windsor. Had to wait like seventeen minutes to catch it vacant.

The irresistible circle in the shades: near Tower Bridge.

Perhaps the oldest in my collection(dating BC): Overlooking The roman bath, Bath, North east Somerset.

The royal property at the Windsor Gardens, Windsor and Maidenhead.


Finny Forever said...

lovely. cant help liking the last inspite of myself.

sigmund fraud said...

Wow, nice collection. I was incidentally looking elsewhere for such benches for some of my projects. Maybe I'll filch some of the designs !!!

Aradhita said...

Nice colection :) A rather strange thing to collect though.. but somehow each of these benches probably have their own stories to say...

. : A : . said...


Have been waiting for this post ever since your last poast on benches.

Thanks for sharing your collection.

El enigma said...

very nice :) u have this amazing talent to breathe life into even the most mundane things around u, yosso....


Extempore said...

If you scroll down these photos in the order you've put them in, Uber, there is a story unfolding. A story that I think takes some twists and turns, going through different states of time, mind and space. But maintaining the same narrative throughout. Or so I thought! :)

Ubermensch said...

all fellarz,

finny, thank u:)

sigmund fraud
thanks, feel free. The best rest in my hard disk waiting to adorn the walls of the theme exhibition.:)

Of course they have, from the anatomy to the metaphysics!

coventry eh? warwick castle ?:)

you r welcome its my pleasure.

joyce principle one: can you weave a story off a handkerchief?
joyce principle two: if priniciple one applies, then we must make a story off the moisture in it.
benches truly are icons of lifestyles!

Thanks, indeed the amazing part is you carry the stories and benches are just symbolic of them stories.


Echo/Lavanya said...

beautiful! enjoyed your last collection and this one is even better.

Ubermensch said...

hey, Im pleased you like em,and congrats on banville, i was cheering for zadie with all the misgivings included.

.m. said...

i liked the oldest bench. It's *moving!... somehow.

Ubermensch said...

moving? where to...its there for quite sometime :)
Its in a place called Bath, a lovely place, Im sure you would love it .

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