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Monday, March 20, 2006


Sunshine, we all see the same sky
Looking, learning, asking the same 'why?'
-Belle and Sebastian, Song for Sunshine.

What milieus we have moved? What milieu holds us? What milieu we hold?

How we are and where we go? Sundown at the Docks, Preston, Lancashire.


josh said...

Perpetually traumatised by existential quests? You got a friend. Yea, Reportage is back..

Ubermensch said...

Hey josh, glad you are back.
existential quests? Im far too pessimistic for that:)

Finny Forever said...

there is sun in preston?

Ubermensch said...

Of course not, its a wavy orange bow tie.

El enigma said...

beautiful pic :) sunsets never fail to fascinate me ever..


Ubermensch said...

Never enig.

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