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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Drinking metaphors...

This table is our couch,
the drink I buy you
is our pillow.
You lean and confide,
In this moment here, now-
I can only pity your despair.
All thought dear,
is a veneer, waiting to be

corroded by time;
all bonds are
'basically' built by bricks of emotion.

Perhaps yes, I wonder
or pretend to

fiddle with my glass;
In a brief silence,
I try to reach out to your pity

while you take out your cigarette.

I cant.
Do you know, I ask, the difference
between a cake and a biscuit?
……No ,
Both are 'essentially' made of same,
just , one gets harder with time and the other

I utter, lighting your cigarette.


Douglas S. Johnson said...

Very nice. I like this.


sigmund fraud said...


"All thought dear,
is a veneer, waiting to be
corroded by time..."


Ubermensch said...

Hello Douglas
Im pleased you like it. Thanks for dropping by and the words.Shall hop by your room as well.


Rajesh said...

cake and a biscuit? chips and kabobs are more like it :)

The kind reproach and the bit of wisdom should be over a drink, just like the poem. Cheers.

Wild Reeds said...

Wow. Loved the cake and biscuit analogy...

Ubermensch said...

Meta fors metaphors.Thanks rajesh.

wild reeds
im glad u did.

Finny Forever said...

u uttered all that?? or muttered?

Anonymous said...

The mood is palpable and I love the way you bring it out.

Ubermensch said...

wellwaatever nevermind

Hey Kish
Long time! Thanks

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