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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Mobile- moi bile?

As if the internet dint suffice the spin doctors have now taken into the mobile communication to campaign their products- last week I had three texts and a call which in all professional euphemism talked about 'certain-options' available.

Well, to confess , I am not in love with my mobile, any mobile for that matter. To me,the only purpose of mobiles is to avoid robinson crusoe situations. Oh , if you are wondering, thats not impossible as well - listen to this- the signal connectivity at my home is pathetic.im stranded in my own place. Its horrible to have a phone with unpredictable connectivity. I end up missing all important calls and have to be stuck at the door between the kitchen and the dining room to maintain a conversation without sayin err waaat ? waaaaaaaaaat? I think we r breaking.......
hmmm, well its not that bad always, it really cums in handy when I want to cut an unwanted conversation , I just say waat waat ? waaaaaat ? n get away with that....


Another interesting incident of mobile conversations
I was driving with my supervisor and I got this call.. a lovely female voice

may i know who's this?
is that ubermensch?
Speakin,.. pardon me dunno who's this?
well u know me..ah, can u guess ?
Had my supervisor not been there, I would have said something like oh yeah TRINITY? or something like that.Moreover I had a this vague feeling that my supervisor could make out the conversation effortlessly.
so ,
well im sorry , im not good at guessing, tell me ?
Ah not so soon dear, clue 1..u know me.

I quizzed, well anyone who knew me would be aware I would be on work at that time and moreover they wudnt exactly like being object of my affection the next time we meet. So gotta be sumone else , well the ex-es ? hmmm again slim chance, they wudnt be my ex-es if they loved me so much to play 20 questions over phone!
I thought it was time to cut it and do it without blood.

Im sorry I think there must be some misunderstanding..?
NO, don u remember me... second clue then....

who wud be so juvenile ? I had enuff.

Im sorry ill have to go now please call me later.

I put the thing in its place and focussed staring at the road ahead.

An old friend i said, Perhaps to account myself.

My supervisor replied ' seems u ve got sum admirers' without taking her eyes away from the road .

Kodak moment.!! i was like a breathing beetroot.

Speaking of mobile-conversations, this one I had yesterday should take the cake,
Voice:hello ?
Me: hello ?
Voice:This is XXXX from BMW leeds, im afraid sir, the silver colour is delayed.
Me: er waat?
Voice: Im sorry sir , I know this is frustrating, but please bear with us, ull be driving the car by next week.
Me: er rr... okay .
I must admit that for a moment I pictured myself in the silver BMW (yeah i-pod included) cruising on M6 .
Voice: sir?
Me: I think uve got the wrong number...
Voice:isnt this.....XXXXX?
Me:im afraid its YYYY?
For a brief moment one of those silences often referred as pregnant ensued , with both parties feeling guilty for concieving it. What followed was profuse bleeding of english apologies.

so long,


kiran kumar Chava said...


I love mobiles for their technologies offered.

I hate them because I fear they take away my freedom.

so now I stopped using my mobile for some time. let me see how long I can do it.

ps: I even stopped using credit cards, with same reason; taking away freedom.

SEV said...

been there for the connectivity thing.. frustratingly u cannot correct it by going in either direction..
hmm.. mystery caller.. it's always fun isn't it. got like 5 in a row once, and apparently some horde of giggling girls were having a gala time; while i was sitting in front of dad.
and as far as wrong numbers go, i managed to get someone a new radio for some such similar problem once..


Ubermensch said...

thanks for sharing folks
sev that must have been areal gala time:))

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