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Monday, January 07, 2008

Dirty Down Under:

A sweetly timed red cricket ball running in tiny jumps to the cover boundary is one of beautiful sights we live for. After the wins and losses have worn out I suppose it is the memory of such images is what makes cricket what it is. Sublime.

It is for this reason that I returned to telly at an unearthly hour, half pissed, half expectant to catch some decent test cricket for a couple of sessions. Thankfully sleep beckoned and saved me an unpleasant experience.

In the morning we woke up to see a deeply disturbed Kumble, who seemed ready to break into a sob with a slight tap on the shoulder put on a brave face before the mike. India had lost. Well, nothing shocking. Been there lost that I thought and went out to make the most of a capitalistic Sunday.

Came back to find story after interesting story unravel: contentious decisions, unsportly behaviour, spirit of the game, integrity of the team etc and the eventual ban of Harbhajan Singh for racism.

It is then I put on the video which I had recorded last night.

Here I must state that I have admired Australia for their pride and their hunger for victory. I do that the same way I have admired Michael Schumacher. Valued friends often have disagreed with me on my views about their behaviours.
I suppose its just to do with my personality.

Also I must note here that I am too old to be jingoistic, too capital to side with the underdog, too messed up to support a single team. But having watched the fifth day’s play, I think there is no one who can convince me that Australia, played cricket hard and fair. The last two sessions were perhaps the most disgraceful and shameless cricket on display by the Australians, even by their own standards.

In span of two sessions Australians successfully managed to reduce the proceedings at the famed strip of scg into a local pub. Nasty looks, choice stares, liberal mouthing, bullying the umpires, extreme muttering, undue sighing, and everything uncivil to gain a victory and a record that has made them love themselves so much that even after 48 hours after the result I don’t think a single member of their team has been able fully comprehend the enormity of what they have lost.

I have never seen a sadder moment in cricket in my time than Kumble slowly walking back, shocked while the Australians gathered their huddle and the sought after record not even been able to remember they played against a team. That is inexcusable; yes, we have seen close exciting finishes too. I was there at Edgbaston on that august Sunday, perhaps one of the greatest test matches ever. I had seen Freddie flintoff for all his worth , break away from his celebrating partners to go back to Brett lee.

As Kumble walked back, for a moment I wished it was England who had beaten India.

The sole responsibility for such a blind , mad, shameless, venture of a game for personal glory has to go to the Caesar. Rick Ponting. Thus, begins the decline and fall of imperium cricket australium.

Have more to say, laters.


Rajesh said...

anything to win! I was devastated to learn of the mean trick.

that Caeser is still busy finger wagging and mouthing critics amply revealed how blissfully unaware he is of the damage he'd done
to the game and the nation he represents. If boorishness is the norm and win sans dignity is the ultimate prize, I would say,
leave them down under in their juvenile strip and look elsewhere for the real epic.

btw Kumble did land his punch at the mongrel's snout for generations to see, in bodyline fashion!

Ubermensch said...

Yes Kumble did well; it was one fine delivery; But we need more.
He should be more proactive.

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