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Thursday, January 10, 2008

£1300 Car

I have memories of years and years of the so called Indian Left making a life and political career out of refuting everything in the world, leftish professors poisioning the minds of vulnerable uni students that they can remove the stupidity of the human nature by chanting slogans, all only ended up in making us borrow food.

Finally a day has come to see an Indian launch-Tata Nano being featured in International media first page. And deservingly. All talk all day has been Nano, £1300, $2500 er.

Yes, yes I know one or the other of stupid lady professors in JNU might soon publish a whining thesis about carbon levels of the world, all when her daughters might be driving one each to the PVR.She can take a test drive to hell. Going by the past decade of election results, Indians in the street are fairly knowledgable, than Americans, or even Indians who went universities.

Third gear now.


Rajesh said...

In fact I heard that the emission is about half of that of a scooter - that in itself is a huge incentive to go nano.

w.r.t the students led astray by the slit toungued socialites - well, they've got Prakash Karat.

Finny Forever said...

above all, this is an exceptionally ugly car. autos look better. but who knows what history will do.

Ubermensch said...

Yeah, so it seems, thats a good incentive indeed.

I dont know Karat at all. Have to wiki him.

Its not like people are looking for Taj Mahal to move around are they?

And even if they fidn one, Im sure you will say are autos are better. such is your love rick love.

Lets see. Many said teh same for ipod.

Finny Forever said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ubermensch said...

nano is a hindu concept. not this not this in hindi n english. it needs a certain degree of maturity.
thing is--peopel can buy a car for 1300 quid and no one wants to talk about it; one just wants to know if it impresses your neighbour.

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