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Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Song of the Sydney Opera


You beauty. A Class of your own.

we had marked our schedules to see you sing at sydney and you didnt disappoint. Now sachin owes one big, big ouevre.


Rajesh said...

Yes. Big time.

Meanwhile the Very Very Special day is forever to savor.

Bit Hawk said...

You asked for it and he delivered!
Where were you when the first test was being played? ;)

asuph said...

big one it was. but vvs was special. special bcos he showed again that u can take on the bull by the horns and make it weep. you don't need to bore it to death.

if only the umpires hadn't gifted symmo life after life, we wud have had a different test. sigh!

Ubermensch said...

Thanks all,
Raj, forever true. I am collecting all his innings.

Youve got it wrong, we didnt ask; From past experiences, we have very very special memories, eg, Aus tour of 2003-2004. So some of us cynic cricket fans just mark the test matches when he plays. Esp Favourite hunting grounds like Sydney. In Perth I suppose he would manage an innings top score of 60 before he is stopped. The rest we leave it to the kids.

Asuph miya,
What bull what horns. I think its oen of the commonest misperceptions.

Anyone who has seen him bat when he is in form can vouch he doesnt play cricket. All those cover drives are just breathing for him. Its a parallel universe.

Bucknor needs a good bollocking and farewell party.

Yes I have always believed Indians should start their Aussie tour with Sydney. It just pumps immense morale esp for guys like that vegan wall.

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