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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

A reason to hate you....

When the weariness of the day pushes you into an almost sleep and suddenly you are jolted up to grab the pen and jot down whatever the pen wants to say.......

A reason to hate you....

You are mistaken.

I did not
hate you when
you seduced me that night
dropped me like a fulfilled dream.

I did not
hate you when
you pretended
to be busy
did not
return my calls

I hated you
you spilt wine on my new skirt
tried to wipe it off with your tie
Of all the things…….

so long,


. : A : . said...


Nice twist. Can't stop smiling.

You are right, sometimes the pen takes over and produces little gems ... like this.

livinghigh said...

hehehehehehe.... poor skirt. or shud i say, poor tie?

Aradhita said...

hey u've got to stop writing what I want to write... anywaz must admit, nicely said.
so long,

India Whining said...


I just absolutely adored the two Pics in Ur White X-Mas walla post.. Eye catching Composition.. U make me proud son.. U can never go wrong with the "Diagonals"..

Belated X-Mas wishes..N Advance New Year Greetings to U my Baap..

pits said...

The weariness shows.....
The pen sure seems to be in control, as there is no mind in this.

Free Spirit said...

Your poem made me smile today. Happy holidays.

Ubermensch said...

: A :
yup the pen rules the mind.

take your pick...?depending on which side of the fence you place thyself:))

thanks....thank heavens they don patent the ramblings of the mind:)

India Whining
thanks for dropping by
Stop flattering me boss; havent I seen your snaps...?
have yeah lovely year yourself:))

thanks, i know exactly what you mean there...yeah exactly:)

Free Spirit
happy holidays and a new year to you to belle; collect more emotional truths:))

SeaSwallowMe said...

follow the pen, I say !

a smile on my face. *NOT* Laughing-Out-Loud. Due allowance to your feelings, you see. It's the last week of the year after all. :))

Reshmi said...


Fizo said...

Brought a much wanted smile to me today. Thanks.

Akshay said...

I do that all the time , I always keep these yellow post it for note making and jot away..
Smiles all around . Love the tone

T said...

Extremely eery, this post, my poor Joyceian...Joycian...whichever, but you know who I mean--you. Did your pen swim across an entire ocean, jump up onto the windowsill outside my bedroom, spy in on my life, come back to you, and then force you to write about it here? I think it did :) I'm going to seriously look into that pen of yours. :)

small squirrel said...

luckily for you the things you think of are printable... mine are either unintelligible or far too visceral for reprint...


and insightful!

Salonii said...


Have you been peeking into my diary? [very stern expression on face]

yet another1 said...

i'm in total awe of ur writings

inspiredbylife said...

A reason to love you...

You are absolutely mis(s)taken.

I did not
love you untill
held you in my arms,
and I saw you cry.

I did love
you the moment I saw
the love for your skirt
than my tie! ;)
:) good one there yosso! May be a tad bit late though...


Ubermensch said...

seaswallow me
thanks, and for the empathy but since ive seen people guffaw im sorta soft on it;and i do maintain regarding peoples right to their stupidity:)))

welcome back! was sometime since i heard that expression.

you are welcome

thanks aks, read abt the post its.it works for me since 10 years

you are welcome to have a look but be nice to it, otherwise it may choose to write some nasty things
it saw through the window:)))

small squirrel
thank you
i keep my visceral stuff for my journal

no journals but redone hairs:)

yet another1
thanks, but where does it stand b/w adulation and flattery:))?

thanks.better late than never.

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