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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Elle and Lui

There she is. That pretty face. I still remember the first time I saw her. Those alluring eyes which gives out a light that makes you so naked. The eyes that could singe any man. You should see her laugh with those eyes, as if she owns everything that ever was and wants nothing from anyone. Sometimes I feel I should leave everything in the world and just sit before her, silently gazing into those deep hazels and I still would find everything I left in the world hidden there. She knows that.That's why, She always hooks my lips with a focus like she wants to burn it. Such a pity that she can’t see the beauty of her own eyes. And when I kiss her she selfishly shuts her eyes into magic. My love.

Who shone a pacific
in your eyes;
let it close
when I gently
wet your lips

There he is. That bold face. I still remember the first time I saw him. Those sumptuous lips which gives out a melody that makes you so wanted.The lips that could dissolve any woman. You should see him stare with those lips, as if he owns everything that ever was and wants nothing from anyone. Sometimes I feel I should leave everything in the world and just sit before him silently gazing into those pouts and I still would find everything I left in the world hidden there. He knows that. That's why, he savours my eyes with an appetite like he wants to gobble it. Such a pity that he can’t taste the splendour of his own lips. And when I see him he selfishly curves his lips into magic. My love.

Who smiled a music
With your lips;
let it die
When I fondly
watch your lips


. : A : . said...

Was waiting for this!

Nice, I really like the play on one part of each (lips and eyes) and how they can have similar words weaved around them. Thanks.

. : A : . said...

I also like the touch of the free verse after each bit. Helps change perspectives smoothly.


T said...

Though I have always believed I am a heterosexual, I cannot figure out who I am more in love with now...elle ou lui...look what you've done to rattle my entire sexual identification. ;) Really beautiful...have returned from mini-hiatus, by the way.

koolsome said...

really cool way of writing pal .. i saw abt a dozen of ur posts after i hopped onto this blog .... u r way too good .. this post is one of a kind .. c more frm ya ... ~ la'ers

Une Femme Folle said...

gosh.. this was soooooo poignant.. and so beautiful.. say, why dont you write professionally, ala the Breakup Babe???

Me said...

hi dude..
ur posts r gr8 (among the few ive read), but this one kinda disaapointed me...

"STARE WITH those LIPS!!!" sayyy wahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatt

"silently gazing into those POUTS and I still would find everything I left in the world hidden there." :o


the 1st part is good when u talk abt the eyes.. the 2nd part abt the lips kinda spoils the whole thing!!!

but that was a good try... ;) & this is a personal opinion.. (likes differ & opinions differ.. wht say u ;) )


June said...

now I would like to see them both, her eyes and his lips. Don´t you have pictures of them, or something??

Ubermensch said...

: A : my pleasure .i liked the verse more than the passages. yes thats right they smoothly distract the abruptness.

¡Fuego! sorry abt the crisis:) thank u for the comment.
glad to see u back, now spill the ink like u do so beautifully.

thanks for visting and the words. do hang around.

Hima said...
kidding? i think even u wont buy my book.break up babe..U ask me U ask ME?;))
thanks for commenting honestly. i cant figure what u wanted to say?
"STARE WITH those LIPS!!!" sayyy wahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatt.........???
in the link uve given me,pout- if u scroll down verb intransitive,ive personified that into noun. hope u got it.
thanks for the encouragement ,keep visting and commenting.

i had then she stole it :)

Free Spirit said...

I can relate to exactly what you wrote. :)

Jasmine said...

wow.. i'm absolutely awestruck by your writing... exactly what does it take to write like that? And would you sell it to me? :)

Sudarshan said...

Great writing...so creative...too good!

Ubermensch said...

sudharshan thanks for droppin by and the comments
jasmine...i just took a quick look of ur site...make one such for me:)) and ill sell this all for u totally free of cost;)
free spirit glad u cud relate.

. : A : . said...

Yes, the verse is more powerful. Do you have another one of these up your sleeve? Would love to see.


:..M..: said...

"And when I kiss her she selfishly shuts her eyes into magic"
That was just beautiful. :)
Thanks for dropping by.

Diva said...

Beautiful -

The turn of words - eyes to lips, she to he - very well done.

Akshay said...

I'm drawing parrallels here but this post reminds me of a post my August sometime back " The language of confessions". The narration at a similar two sided dynamic which I enjoy emmensly.
Anyways great blog you got here should got here much earliar, must link you.

Ubermensch said...

tx for dropping bye .lui and elle was an old write up which i blogged on august request after i myself realised the similarities.parallels are hence,quite natural.:)
glad for the link. hope to read more of your feedback here.

Ubermensch said...

nothing like urs.:-

:..M..: and Diva Drip
thanks for the appreciation.

Rohit said...

Very nicely done :)

. : A : . said...

Thanks. Looking forward to more!


Sreekesh Menon said...

The lips lock in love
Succeeds where the heart fails
Gentle yet fiece, this passion
Trust or lust
Music must never stop!

great post ubermensch

Une Femme Folle said...

of course i will! and stop tryin to pull my leg!! :)

koolsome said...

new posts new posts .. we want new posts .. where is it ehh??? i have read almost all of ur prev posts ...

Ubermensch said...



Sreekesh Menon
thank u sree , so are your poems.

As i said pulling your leg:) waaaaaa:) what an idea? now gal watch your legs.:)

thanks for visiting, patience my friend is a virtue.

EnJay said...

I just loved this! I think this is one of the loveliest posts I've ever read...

Ubermensch said...

tx for dropping by and nice words. ur being very kind.:))

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