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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Life and times of a Cynic.

Been busy of late, hence just fishing some random thoughts but not exactly in the cynical order.
So here we go,

O boy! Way back from the clinic
I bought a hat navy-blue
The hat that read a bold cynic
And then O boy! as I wore it anew
They called me "hey cynic, you"!
"Cynic who"`? I said, "O no boy! I’m just askew".

Much for the best seller halo that engulfs it and the repeated insistence of my friends finally finished Da Vinci code. I felt like a horse taken to the water and then all of a sudden the water evaporated before you. Earlier books used to manipulate you emotionally now they have even started meddling with the intellect. It’s going to be some time before I actually lay my hands on another fiction.

Nietzsche once said In your solitude if you have talent to think deeply about anything but not enough time to write a book about it then you will make good letter writer.
My corollary In your solitude if you have talent to think deeply about anything but not enough time to write a book about it and have a career then you will make good blogger.

And then yesterday I had it again, standing in the parking lot was just about to turn when the slow reprise of the almost forgotten gradually building into a silent climax came cutting across time space matter into a overwhelming memory of déjà vu .
I gazed at the cars, the tall buildings the trees and the whole premise looked so very familiar, I smiled and told myself Oh yes! I was here before.
Got two unexpected e-mails this week:
P sent me Freud on religious practices and A sent Rilke's Letters to an young poet.Though from very unlikely sources, it was absorbing reads.Got to blog about them sometime.Thank you and keep them coming folks.
Another one this week:
Me:u remember? I signed off 'borderline'?
Carl: Oh yes! U R very well adjusted.
Carl coming from you i m just taking it point blank.
This another James Joyce story for Jane Eyre fan who visits here;
Young Joyce on meeting WB yeats:
J:Im twenty, How old are you?
Y:Thirty six, well actually thirty seven.
J:I thought as much.I have met you too late.You are too old for me to help you.
Apparently an offended yeats told his friends later''such a colossal self-conceit with such a lilliputian literary genius I never saw combined in a single person''.
Well what can one say, JOYCE IS JOYCE.
Contemparary Politics:

A tale of two American heroes-Tom sawyer and Thomas jefferson!
Tom- Tom sawyer/ Thomas Jefferson.
Aunt: Statue of liberty.
Huckleberry finn: George W. Bush Junior.
Genre: Parody.

No answer.
No answer.
"What's gone with that boy, I wonder? You Tom!"
No answer.
The old lady pulled her spectacles down and looked over them about the room; then she put them up and looked out under them. She seldom or never looked through them for so small a thing as a boy; they were her state pair, the pride of her heart, and were built for "style," not service -- she could have seen through a pair of stove-lids just as well. She looked perplexed for a moment, and then said, not fiercely, looking over a piece of paper.
“Y-o-u-u Tom! “What is this??
Tom came back “Yes auntie'', peering over a paper that carried his own handwriting he said with pride “That is the Declaration of independence of United States of America”.
''Oh! I know, And what is this''? She asked excitedly.
''That is Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness''.

The aunt was astonished "What? Tom your are such a dunce! If you put a whole nation in *pursuit* of happiness didn’t it occur to you that the nation might not recognise happiness even if it bumps into happiness on a road?"

“Err” Tom looked sheepishly. Huckleberry was grinning widely from the corner of the room.

Sports-Indian cricket:
As predicted in the cricket-blog circles, sachin blasted a hapless Bangladesh attack into record books. Well even zaheer did! And now sachin and kumble will be sung to the tunes of great heroes. Kumble is the greatest vegetarian wicket taker, how does that sound for someone who can’t bowl without six men around the bat? And speaking of sachin, of late he has let too many undeserving rookies kiss his stumps. Sad though, it is a fact we all know and never want to acknowledge that he is just not the player he was! Where is that arrogant lil nudge to the third man?
Meanwhile Arsenal are riding their sine wave from the peak to back home.But it was absolutely great show guys.

With this big birthday coming up things are going to be hectic.
Jesus Christ! Got to go now….
Have fun time,
So long


. : A : . said...

Agree with your corollary on blogging! So true!


Une Femme Folle said...

as for fiction, have you read The Rule of Four?? i think you will like it..

SeaSwallowMe said...
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Saranya Kishore said...

Your corollary to blogging is true, yes, except the stds neednt be so high as that of a book :D

Apart from that did not understand most of the blog.

Anonymous said...

oh great stuff, not much into blogging myself,that tom sawyer story is such refined mockery .loved it!!

SeaSwallowMe said...

hmmm .. just read that Shevchenko won Euro player of the year .. do you think our man Henry stands a chance in the FIFA awards ?

yeah, pity about Sachin. i don't think the other teams fear him as much as they did before. He needs to get into that "bludgeon"-mood again. When was the last time we saw that -- against Pak in the World-Cup ?

inspiredbylife said...


A tad late in commenting. As others liked your corollary too, but just one thing are there any bad bloggers?

Silence does many things at the sametime I guess... and the feeling of Déjà vu is one of them! :D

Liked the parody!


Vijayalaxmi said...

When you catch those random thought of yours and blog them, you see that they are not so random at all. They get some kind of respectability. Started blogging solely to capture these thoughts and not let them fly by.

Good going.

Kraz Arkin said...

American as far as I'm concerned is a swear word. The Da Vinci code was very disappointing I agree. Sachin is not his usual self - true. But Arse-anal??? Never. United forver. :) Thanks for visiting. Loved the place and your style.

divya said...

good job..i like the name of ur blog deja vu..are u a psychiatrist or a psycholgist or...well! just wondering!
i like the little thing about blogging..its great..

Anonymous said...

totally agree with kumble being overrrated.sachin is aging.

T said...

J.E. fan reporting, sir. She will pretend to adore Yeats so much that she is quite astonished at Joyce--that...Joyce. When you're right, you're right. He is who he is. Well, was. Thankfully. Do I believe those words to be exactly what was spoken between these two men? Yes. Am I surprised at your Joyce? Of course not. I colored in the bed for you, take a peek.

Anonymous said...

My corollary In your solitude if you have talent to think deeply about anything but not enough time to write a book about it and have a career then you will make good blogger.:)). Somewhat my thoughts on blogging too. it lets you pontificate w/out too much effort.

Ubermensch said...

: A : ,saranya, mp_cnb :
thnks for the comments.
yup the blogger thing is true and allows a medium to pontificate.

tx for the reco, but moi not in a mood for fiction,later.:) and look what have i gotya? a doodle board!

sorry abt the earlier comment.liked it.
da vinci was disppointing to say the least.glad u escaped it.

havent seen much of svenchenko, but friends who have seen him say he is superb!ac milan man!
henry came second..here...arsenal are havin some problems so not very positive.
as per sachin....ya he is aging and tentative.

thanks for the comments,well are there bad bloggers? well there are bloggers who claim to be good while they are no where near good! well to each his own.
Even a rainbow is silent but deja vu adds memory to colors of a rainbow!!
glad u liked the parody.

totally agree widya .thanks

glad u liked.r u referring to man untd? if yes they have been good this fall, but u cant say for sure with those guys can u??
thanks for visiting

seems i know u... thanks anyway :)) well here im just a blogger-4026929.pleased u liked it.

attendance marked.seems joyce has burnt you badly.speak of traumatic memories:)) there is no room for surprises when ur so full of joyce:))
toook a peek:)

Anon 1.
glad u liked the tom story, i liked it tooo.just hit upon it while waiting in a queue!
it is so true, kumble is considered leg spinner when he has so little turn,he is consistently faster than chris harris who is called a medium pacer :)))
anons wud be much obliged if u cud leave some form of id just atleast to recognise u ,should you choose to visit in the future.

Rohit said...

Great post dude!

Free Spirit said...

I, too, often experience deja vu, though I dismiss it just as much.

Havokinthemind said...

not sure yet if i agree on your corollary on blogging; the objective of my blog is to actually instill in me the discipline to write everyday- even if on varying subjects...

Completely agree tho on the Da Vinci code- terrible let down. Angels and demons was a tad better tho.

P.s. am linking to you on my blog :) hope that's okey with you

Aradhita said...

Blogging..I agree!
Da Vinci Code... I agree!!
Deja vu...I agree!!!
..man, this is too much of agreeing...

Ubermensch said...


Free Spirit
thank u :) may be u should write a poem about it some day, im sure it would be as beautiful as the deja vu.

letters served that earlier, blogs serve that now.
feel free to link me after all isnt there an inter in internet:))
im linking you as well.

thanks for the visit
>>man, this is too much of agreeing...
i agree:))


. : A : . said...

Was reading this again and the "Contemparary Politics" bit stuck me as being quite funny. The sad thing is that it could very well probably be true too!

Sudarshan said...

Liked the Joyce story and the tale of American heroes...well, nothing much to comment there

You were dead right about Sachin..but dont quite agree with your opinion on Kumble...being a spinner,its natural for him to have close in fielders..even the greatest of great fast bowlers got most of their wickets nicked behind the wicket..what if there were no slips??

Ubermensch said...

: A :
thanks for reading again,
Sad it is, but true...

first of all i do not agree in classifying kumble as a spinner;whenever he has bowled a batsman around his stumps it can be attributed mostly for his pace.
i have been offered that defence u gave many a times;
the point i wish to emphasise, is he is being overrated;that is becuase of two reasons;
1. Most of his Victims are from six down tailenders.
2.His great performance came as a part of a team that played most matches than any other team of the time at home and against weaker teams.He is a special bowler but he had time alongside with him.
I can still remember poor him taken to fences by guys like craig evans.

Post a Comment

Sudarshan said...

Guess we can go on and on..
a. If you understand the frustration of the bowling side when the tail is wagging isnt Kumble vital for the team?
b. On a bad day everybody goes in for a few runs...Pathan and Bajji thulped Shany during the recent series...will you stop considering him a great bowler because a few tailenders went after him?
c. Records show that Kumble has done relatively well on fast, bouncy foreign tracks.

Ubermensch said...

sudharshan my friend,
As i said i have no doubt that kumble is special bowler and quite indispensible but I cannot see him as greatest spinner; forget the world even india...i once had the same discussion with a friend who later turned out to be kumble's neice....:)) so as you say we can go on and on .....not over the internet but over a glass of wine :) and ill remmebr to wake u up for that!
keep commenting by the way...glad to seem some conviction!!

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