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Monday, April 30, 2007

Will to Success

Often it is wrongly believed that great successes are brought about by great people. Look around you. What is success? It is nothing but an average person doing his average job over an average period of time. Talent on the other hand corrupts not only expectation but also strife.

I say this today because I remember a young man making his cricket debut in Perth long back. He was typically nervous, fiddling onto a sweater his grandmother had knitted for him to mark his debut. Today, if he is successful by any metre or mile , it is not because he is supremely talented but because his will and discipline are stronger than all other gifted men. And then of course there is that most important thing for success. Pride. Pride that burns a heart and drives life forward into a purpose. Pride that isn’t sold as an advert but worn with conviction. Just like that sweater worn almost a decade back which read Ponting plays for Australia.

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