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Friday, April 27, 2007

On lights and lenses:

Being in a generation that has too much information and too little creative instincts, one might find comfort in believing that photography is some superior art form. The fact is , it isn’t. It is nothing more than a skill, just like painting fences or changing tyres. To speak of it elevating it to a creative artform is plainly ludicrous and a reflection of creative sense, or the lack of it in the beholder; if any someone has spent sometime knowing about cameras and photography, with some experience he is eventually bound to become better. Just because he happened to be present in a particular moment of time gives him no right to appropriate that moment or that time as a product of his very own creativity. The little and perhaps only bit of true creativity involved in photography is to be able shed light from a different perspective. In every sense of the word. And Not. I repeat Not capturing a spring flower on a macro or a deep focus of a child with an intent gaze and claiming what a superior artist you are. Because, with your skill, you just partake in an aesthetic premise...with or without creative value, but do not create it.

invest Northern Island Building, Belfast.
Architects: todd architects
Developers: McAleer and Rushe Group
Photographer: Forget It. Inc.

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