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Thursday, April 19, 2007

On the Art of Remembering and Forgetting:

It is like this-

Lurpak unsalted or slightly salted? Hmmm. Salt for bones,for oceans , ah! what makes the seas less saltier than oceans? Oh the sea and the mind of the sea!! Sudden soft feminine hands on shoulders. Shrill of excitement, familiar voice. Surprised, who could this be? Unusual...now...turn back now.

Hello how are you? ermm fine, what’s her name, smile smile. Ha, When are you back here? No just visiting. I’m fine, fine. Ah! she used to work in my previous team, remember she has a tattoo on her arm, what’s er bloody name? Come,come,come Now. I am here just for a few days, a special enquiry, how are you? ....Oh.. Thank you! You look good yourself. Round face, long hair, nose quite economical, unhappy almond eyes, has she done her hair? Smiles a lot , unnecessarily. What’s her bloody name? Tip of tongue, tipotong, tipon No, Come now Please. Oh She is fine , Yeah he is fine too, on a holiday now in Catalunya, yes.
Yes , been around. Ill be here till Wednesday , yeah we should meet up for a drink. Sure Sure. what’s her name, Strange divinity and coincidences, must be getting old, starts with B, name name name?
Yes she was the one who got drunk on blond at the castle arms. Yes that’s her, that face yes, but what’s her name? Bev? No! Shit. Don take chances. Risky and embarrassing- This memory box and the mastered art of forgetting, Oh! Be nice and get over it, high standards.
Right, nice seeing you, you too.
Catch you.
Bye now,
Bye , bye.................yes B.. Brenda...yes , yes.
Hey bye now Brenda,
Brenda Chapman.
It is like this
Back to butter , hmmm slight salted then.

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