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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Make love while the sun shines...

You are a fractal , one smile and two pennies. You dream in
Rhapsodies. I am thought. Alive and rapturous; I forget, I flow.
Who are we? We who wonder?

Lines of sweat I draw across
your naked back; Pasts and futures of
our crossings; trails to be forgotten, to
be reclaimed in the journeys
we make, you and me.

May be I would have walked directly
past you on a Sunday market ? Or perhaps
followed you on a tube because
you were reading Finnegan’s wake?

You moan. You design a sigh
And release it out in archipelagos.
I am the water that engulfs you, splashing my waves
against your quay. We
Who are we now?
You and I?
Yes, Who are we?

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Vijayalaxmi Hegde said...

Who are we now? Who were we then? Who will we be?

Yes, these are the questions.

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