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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Travel List, Ahoy !

People who know me, know how easily I can waver between states of unbelievable organization and hopeless chaos. And when I say unbelievable organization, it is, believe me, unbelievable. And that is exactly what one of my friends remarked when she first noticed my travel list and its versions. Well, all right not just exactly. Unbelievable was the third word uttered after oh funny and brilliant!

Her response finally ended with a prod- why shouldn’t I put it up here? because according to her, it reflects me in many ways. So here we are - some of you know about this already. Some of you might have their own. In any case, these lists were prepared over intense miseries and travel fiascos both personal and borrowed from over a period of time. Imagine how it would be like to hold a camera with a dead battery in front of a wonder of the world. If you can relate to that feeling, then the following isn’t that unimaginable.

Also, if there is anything you could add or alter to improve the list, kindly do not hesitate to let me know.

Well to start off, I have three versions of travel lists which I call A B and C -

A is a day journey version, or at the most for a day and a night journey. B for maximum of 3 days 2 Nights, while C would be anywhere between 4 days to a fortnight and further.

T shirts
Overcoat/ Jacket
A good Towel (the vital)

All subject to length and nature of the stay.

Mobile phone+ charger (B, C)
Digital camera with spare batteries (B, C), Comes in handy during extreme weather, altitudes.etc, where Li batteries die earlier.
Spare memory cards (B)
Connector, card reader (C)
Camera charger (C)

I pod shuffle charged please.
I pod (B,C), cable connector(B), Apple Adapter(C)

Laptop: if at all carrying one, nothing beats an apple 12” ibook (A)
For B, C I usually use my larger Vaio, as it has most of the compatible software I use. Make sure wifi functionality / airport card.

Spare Laptop battery esp. in countries where you cant charge on board
Pen drive
Seiko electronic dictionary (C)
C pen scanner (B, C)
Sony digital voice recorder (for B, C, else you mobile would be a good recorder for A)

If staying overnight a handy 3x4 pouch by lynx is perfect. I remember picking up it in Brighton, or was it Worthing? Comes with everything: a foldable toothbrush, mini showering gel, small tube of paste, deodorant, and a razor. Add a mini bar of soap or face scrub (A, B). I am looking for hoarding this great travel kit but have been unable to find it anywhere now. May be they have stopped making it.

For B,C FCUK mini kit is the best.

And do not forget:
An AAA operated handy electronic shaver would compliment them all perfectly (esp. for A).
Other personal needs, dear boys and girls, you know what they are.


A.Writing needs:
Books-Paperback with Franklin bookmark dictionary (A, B)
Multiple books (B,C)
A5 Notepad
Blank CDs

B. Pot Pourri
Credit Cards, Identity, Bookings, Reservations, et al
Currency converter/ calculator
Contacts/ Addresses
Emergencies / Numbers
Travel guide/ Map/ for Europe the Euromate is the handiest. Lonely planet Guides are useful for longer stays.
Multipin adapter , Locks
Spare contact lens n preservatives.
And the most important: a big strong bag to swallow them all (for all A,B, and C) because the bag also helps you carry a day's load during longer stays. Do any of you remember seeing me without my great bag anytime?

Most of these is subject to the nature and the duration of the visit. So consider other items especially the attire like which is ruled by weather: Suit, Ties, Socks, and other usuals like Kleenex, Hanky, Cap, Hat, Swiss knife, Gloves, Swimming trunks, and Sandals.

C. Medication: if any.
Else Painkillers, Vitamins and such likes; make your own personal First-aid kit, like Dramamine, antidotes etc.

Note the list is made only for an average visit; further tasklists for camping, biking, skiing or other interests should have separate lists. Make sure you have separate lists for the different versions of visits, because though it may be boring to write things down thrice or more, it helps you to pack in lightning time when in a hurry.

Remember the best list is the list you make.


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