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Thursday, February 15, 2007

On Geeks vs.Nerds and Perverted tube maps

In simple terms Internet could be defined as a large congregation of people .
Who have no name , assume identities and have a bit of fun time in their lives. Or Think so.
People on the internet for all practical purposes can be easily classified as bad and good. And both of them are presumed to be ugly unless proved otherwise.

Now the bad people are the nerds who generally want to get your money or your time or your girlfriend or far worse your attention . So they flickr, blog, wiki or dickey whatever, in any case, the sole motive is their insatiable greed for self appreciation in the otherwise meaningless universe that only yawns at their existence.

Among the good people are the geeks who understand the needs of the general public and get on to do the needful. This post is to celebrate the spirit of that benevolent geekiness. Here are the few mentionables.

Thanks to the
Sticky geek for making the virtual life almost to feel like real life.

And big thanks to
Pai Mei ,who made black Japan beta 2.0 for Firefox mozilla 2.0 and saved many a fastidious lives like mine. I was so depressed that they didnt have my eternal favourite Black Japan compatible with Firefoz 2.0

~ A quick note about the header art---

It is a pop art by Simon Patterson, called
The Great Bear after the constellation. It is a modification of the classical London tube map where in the station names are changed to important personalities or stars in the history of humanity. The different tube lines represent different disciplines. So if you want to reach Nietzsche from Bogart you know you have to take a southbound actors line (corporate black) from Mornington crescent to Moorgate. The poster hangs majestically at the Tate.
You can find more about it here.

There was a similar music map released by
guardian last year.
I remember the first time I came across this, I almost wept cursing Patterson for stealing my inchoate idea that i was working on for years. See,this is what happens if you are born a bit late, You end up missing all the fun and have nothing to be proud of except a post-modern faith stamped with a wifi, both of which in grand scheme of things amount to nothing better than a smoked up cigar.

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