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Sunday, February 04, 2007


It is half past five in the morning and the day is wine dark with leathery smells of damp winters. Just wanted to report back as promised. Its been quite enriching.
Heres a crop from travel note:

February trickles in slowly with  promises of sunlight here and there, glimpses of azurer skies and longer sunsets. I remember once sitting in a train on a summer evening  some whereabouts Yorkshire opposite a lovely lady who had no clue how lovely she was. She sat engrossed reading a book, her deep auburn locks drifting across her ivory forehead. Her eyes  wistful and pear like, intently following the lineage of words. Her lips curved  in a silent smile. The long orange hands of the dusk sun, capacious and bright, travelled all across the pewter clouds,  past the woods, past the yellowing grass and streams of quavering water, through the sealed glass onto her face, making her soft nose gleam like an yellow pearl. 
In that moment she was just perfect.

She was just there, alone and oblivious of the whole universe, so subtle and sublime. With neither future nor past.
A Ding an sich.
My heart , swallowed a sea. Like a  moment of  eternity consummated in a frame festooned against the constancy of life, she looked unbearably beautiful.
She was, in that minute an  Edward Hopper painting alive. 

PS- Thanking all the enquiring voices.

And may have to dip into great sea again,

Oh grey sweet mother, snotgreen sea, scrotumtightening sea, the mother of all great consciousnesses, holder of truths and secrets, stand me in good stead.

So long,


Finny Forever said...

art thou quite dead?

Ubermensch said...

Not Yet, But Ive made my peace. Wanna have a smoke too?

Finny Forever said...

yes please. hand it please.

Ubermensch said...

wud you like a 1/8 marx or wud you like the new 1/8 iris murdoch that comes with a sample of jeanette winterson free?

oh wait, you are not hitting on me? are you ?? ;)

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