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Tuesday, February 06, 2007


The Ten great books:

It was
elle who told me about it first. Subsequently, a lot of discussion has been generated around the choices and reading habits following the release of this book last week. Had a quick peek through and its amazing how you and your favourite authors almost have related taste in books if not matching.

Although I am not into quantifying , I am definitely into lists. So spent a few minutes of considered thinking to choose my deci-list. And the cream is almost the same of that Irish wag John Banville. And, ain’t I pleased about it?

So here’s Banville's:

Ill Seen, Ill Said
Notes from the underground
Doctor Faustus
Dirty Snow
Gulliver's Travels
Vanity Fair

And here’s mine:

Notes from the underground
Moby Dick
Invisible Cities
Great Gatsby
The Trial
Magic Mountain
On the road
And I always find it hard to pick between English Patient and Catch 22.

If you have nothing better to do for now, go make yours.

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