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Sunday, February 11, 2007

C'est Moi

Been catching up with the deci--lists of the different authors from the book mentioned in my last post. If you want me to explain the whole experience in two words-- not surprised , in one word-- predictable . However, the popularity of some choices baffled me.
Take for instance, Madame Bovary, which is a decent book but perhaps slightly overrated. I understand the theme is delicate or more so in the times in which it was written . The craft is surely commendable but to put that in the top ten books of all time is bit ludicrous. Also, lets not forget it was written over a period of seven years?
God!! you could have had unimaginable number of affairs in that time! Or if we had granted Mr Joyce so much time, he would come up with one more grand chronicle of humanity so the world could have been conveniently divided into AJ - BJ After Joyce , Before Joyce.

On other things-- I must admit I am a huge huge fan of T-mobile marketing team. I reckon they have a few geniuses working for them. Just look at their adverts for the last three campaigns. Superlative. Remember the wonderful U-fix adverts? The chaps have this uncanny knack of digging the best music tracks to fit their adverts to perfection. Like the Nouvelle Vague melody I melt with you for the U-Fix. Now they have chosen a wonderful Arthur Russell tune to go in with their latest street-talk adverts.
I wouldnt mind to buy a drink to whoever came up with that one.

Caught up with Eisenstein's Strike and Its a very similar to the pleasure of revisiting an ancient wisdom lost in childhood.
The montage and narration are fastcut and unique, even when compared to his later movies. Dont you think the first borns have a special charm ?
Right from the first shot he takes direct charge of your attention and carries on without any dip throughout. Just Like a director ought to. And, did I forget to mention that he is blessed with an innate sense of music that is so rare amongst directors these days. Okay, may be except Tarantino.
As soon as we were done watching the movie, I spent good few minutes imagining how Eisenstein would have explained his visual epiphanies to the team or the editor. Oh, what a task!
And the exercise suffuses me with high anticipation of what my own thoughts might find, very much like how it is when-Banville asks us to imagine Locke pacing about after reading Newton's letter or when Ondaatje asks us to imagine Kipling's pen moving over the paper.
What is the damn word,? Yes, Magnifique!



scarecrow said...

Is that London Underground Map?
Haven't read Ulysses but i guess i read somewhere about some connection between it and London Underground Map.

Ubermensch said...

Well, it is, sort of. Its a brit art poster By George Patterson called The Great Bear.
Must write about it sometime.


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