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Friday, September 01, 2006


Thought as a function of the mind is defined by two fundamental attributes:Belief and Reasoning.
For the rational advancement of any argument (concept) both these two attributes are very important lest the argument fails miserably as it can be seen in religion( flawed belief) or feminism (skewed reasoning).

But since mind- the topographical symbol of the metaphysical self is already a bias by definition the only way by which it can ensure an argument is rational is by being aware of its own prejudices inherent in both its belief and reasoning.
And when such an
argument is found online esp. in the Indian blogosphere where a good blog-argument is a measure of how well your sentences flow than thoughts , the joys are ineffable.
The argument is original , improvised , and is conscious of its prejudices all along. Ill take it any day instead of assorted thoughtless sentences being masqueraded as a intelligent popular blog to be hounded by a dozen other digressing emotions making up for the comments.
PS--Finny, the next round be on me unless you want take us again to some gay pub which plays live tennis.


Martin said...

opinions are like arse holes... everybody has one ;-)

Ubermensch said...

Ye Martin,
Indeed , but one has to know what hole lies where, lest there is a risk of made to eat their words after Its been shoved up elsewhere;-)
Btw- Was that Wilde? Sounds like him tho..;)

Finny Forever said...

ey, that is wilde. but what opinions we talking about? Btw, the gay pub's been voted best pub in karnatak, getting a 10-year tax brake :)

Ubermensch said...

You got to be kidding me Finny ? I give the service was top but the Dj would have pulled down all the points scored? You shud have asked him to play Pj Harvey, How do they score these points?

Anyways ...
And what opinions? We are just having soem weather talk.;)

Finny Forever said...

kidding. kidding. even about opinions. ;)

Ubermensch said...

Keeping in line with the tone of the talk here i.e Arsehole, Wilde...
Bugger off.;)

Finny Forever said...


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