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Sunday, September 10, 2006


Then as soon as I said that,
A breeze with a dancing sway blew
from far behind; Unarmed yet
forceful. And collected all
our invisible laughters that lay broken
in eddies and carved them all
into a huge heap of one great

moment and carried it tenderly,
leaving behind - We watching
it sail away with hands held
and our eyes sparkling like
sapphires in tangerine sunlight, our

bellies aching, our lengthy
shadows too close together

in the evening sun and
our hearts beating
as one.


Inkblot said...


blow said...


Ubermensch said...


blow, truly was indeed, thanks for dropping by.

scout said...

loved it. for some strange reason, it reminded me of this song by tonic... if you could only see.. heard it?

Ubermensch said...

Im glad, Scout.Thanks for coming by.
No! Havent listened, not yet. But soon.

El enigma said...

so innocent and so heartfelt, has almost a child-like charm to it!

Ubermensch said...

Thnak you, Are we back on?

Oh! To be a child again, Oh!!

wendigo said...

ooo... delicious poetry. this and the autumn one.

rather apt word verification: szzza

Martin said...

Wonderful. My breath deserted me for a moment before the beauty and magic of your words! You write great poetry and prose.

I have a request! Can you post something on your favourite poets? It would be interesting to read :-)

Ubermensch said...

River lover loves poems floating about as well?

Thanks Martin,
You speak highly of my words, But I dont mind at all, please do ;)

Hmm, favourite poets? I dont have favourite poets as such, its more like the poem than the poet. More like the game than the club.
However, I shall definitely jot down about poets and poetry and such.Hope it would be interesting for you.

wendigo said...

heh. yes. and it floats to a tune in my head. damn nice.

Ubermensch said...

thank u...

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