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Friday, September 08, 2006

Word Salads...

~ Of the three comments I made in last 24-48 hours from the roughly twenty odd I have made this year , I have been twice deprived the pleasure of watching my own comment being instantly published, something what all the blogging business is supposed to be. About. Courtesy comment moderation! Like buying a gift for oneself.

Aphorisms :

1. I not only want to say whatever I want to say at my own convenience but also I want you to say what I want you to say at my own convenience , eh pithy human?
2. Also, Say something. If I dont like it, I havent heard anything at all.
3. Also, cheeky this- Come back to see if I think you have said anything at all.

But the truth is, Hey I dont know how to handle all this, Mommy... moderation...!!

What are we writing letters to the dailies are we?

~ Next watched The Thin Red Line again , (Yes 22 or 23 times in toto). Masterly Meditation. Each shot is framed to say something important, whatever Terrence had to say after all his years as recluse. If you want to regard the whole war movie genre as a spread out essay on humanity , Then The Thin Red Line is the answer to the question that Coppola had posed to all the puny humans in Apocalypse now nearly twenty years back, which incidentally also happens to be the rough duration of exile of Terrence*. The rest are punctuations - a comma here and a semi-colon there. See that broken wailing exclamation there , thats called Spielberg!!!!


* Some people would have seen the green white grey purples of their career in half that time.


Rajesh said...

Oh I agree with every bit of the aphorisms. We could be forgiven to jot a response to "comment moderation" in the lines of dialectical materialism school too. Totally totalitarian.

Thin Red Line - I watched it in Chennai when it came to India in a thinly populated theatre. An inverse of Private Ryan eh?

educatedunemployed said...

Totally enjoyed this post.Actually understood what you were saying too.

Ubermensch said...

Comrade Rajesh,
It is actually interesting you bring up dialectical materialism. I was mulling of the same thing. Also, just had a conversation with a friend who was predicting the return of Marxism in another version in the next 20-40 years.

Yes the comment moderation is hilarious, give us a chance and we will write essays about why and how blogs shouldn’t be monitored / blocked. But we will comment moderate. The blog is mine, the country is not so mine then ;)? But ill tell you a funnier thing, me and you looking for consistency ;)?

You did? Really ;) ? come on now ;)? You know you are brave;)
How we all wish we can understand and be understood.

Ubermensch said...

Rajesh, overlooked the latter half of your comment,
yes Thin red is Thin red.Silent personal reflection of whatever was assimilated in his life. Master. I remember the watching first time, At the end just sat there and let the credits roll by totally bolted. Poetry.

Finny Forever said...

ye comment moderation is bullockcrap. Mite as well keep out comments alltogether :)

educatedunemployed said...

Haha..Let me rephrase..I think I understood what u were trying to say.

Ubermensch said...

Isnt it ironical you state that in a comment?
Keeping out all comments Woudnt fetch any nirvana , but do let me know if you do.

Ha, now welcome to club.Im sure it would be all different from now on

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