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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Once someone told me
It was beyond his imagination how
such a thing as free verse
came to be called Poetry.
For poetry was a lofted thought;
a sublime articulation
of a supremely gifted heart,
to be put in exquisite rhyme and meter.

Once he finished, I just said
In case of an untoward
event, Do not panic.
Stay calm.
And proceed to the nearest exit.
Press 2 if you want to
hear the message again.


Martin said...

BRAVO! FANTASTIC! I loved that, thanks for the smile :-)

Finny Forever said...

i believe in free verse. but i'll still press 2.

Ubermensch said...

Your are welcome Martin.I repeat you must stay calm;). Calm as the calm before the storm.

YouR call is important to us.All our staff are busy. Kindly bear with us.(classical music plays?...vivaldi.?) ...Your call is important to us...

Anonymous said...

Yoss boss,
ye shan't gather nay moss
come shall i
here, after a floss
to read such poetic class...

ok that didn't rhyme or mean anything...but hell dude! i got here from ano's site when you're on that lil sidebar as contacts...
HOW ARE YOU!!!!!!! Long LONG TIME!!!! Remember me?

Anyways loved the poem, i must however draw your attention to ano's poem Bargain which is along the similar lines... :)

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