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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Love and Lies..

Last Tuesday near
into an ex; Same
smile, same hair
Same old pair of jeans.
I’m sure
She thought the same
about my shirt. My shoes.
Even my deodorant.

After exchanging smiles,
surprises and pleasant
remarks about appearances,
We set out for a
drink in a nearby pub.

She is married now, to a banker;
She works part time designing
and attends Spanish and salsa.
She went on a skiing
holiday to France recently.

Is she happy?
She is she is!
But she doesn’t
look in the eye.

And Yes I still set the alarm
for thirteen past six, and yes I still

have only carte noire for coffee. Yes yes I still
don’t wash my socks and just
throw them away after

Did I find anyone special?
Well yes, Now
and then.
She curves a
hesitant, all knowing

After some such talk
and a shared bill
We part
with goodbyes, another type of

smiles, promises; all
suitable noises.

We have moved on, two
old lovers, we are linked
by a distant love and a
thread of lies that
only we know
about each other.


Martin said...

I really liked that. For some reason I felt that one especially. :-)

Ubermensch said...

Im glad you liked it.

alcippe said...

just HAD to break the silence with that one .... just had to... yes i guess it is the life left behind that we call as our "ex" more the life than the person...

Ubermensch said...

Nice to see you alcippe, hope you are doing well, im glad you broke the silence;) you know how hopeless i can be about such things;) and the self portrait?
And, Thats a very fresh comment, one of the few that actually got me thinking...just typing aloud here..
since an ex is one segment of ur life...could teh sum of all exes plus one who defies becuming an ex(partner, lets call her/him y) ...plus 20.99gms be equivalent to the worth of our lives.

nx+ y + 20.99gms / sum of all your desires and regrets= 42!!

ah, there you go.

:..M..: said...

This was so elegantly put..

alcippe said...

okkk i need to think on that one... what if the sum of that were to be a part of one probability...? hmmmm so that would make it?
ill get back to you with that one .....

Ubermensch said...

Thanks, been ages innit?

sure .
whats all this probability richard bach nonsense?

alcippe said...

now that you mention it , it does sound very Richard Bachish ...the whole "one probability and that be the power of love " jazz ... should have known as i wrote it as i finally actually read one of his books!!!!!(pat on the back for getting through it)!!

bittersweet said...

enjoyed this poem, uber!

- Cheryl

Ubermensch said...

In heavy cockney accent,
Alcippe, What is that you owe me;)eh ,?

Im glad cheryl

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