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Sunday, July 30, 2006

We also are what we have lost.

~For FSB...because we also are what we have lost

Days turn
over and
over again.Nights

in between, carry on
as ever.

Through them all
you sift;
dropping a smile here,
shedding a tear there
older , wiser [?]

Between such beings and
you are like
open meadow that
stands naked
in the autumn shower,

rapturous to others but
inconsolable within.

~Title borrowed of course from Amores Perros.


El enigma said...

smiled a 'so true' smile to myself on reading it :) this cud just be my state of affairs these days :):)

how do u write such simple words, but the ones which flow so well and mean so much?


Ubermensch said...

Hey enig!
How does the so true smile look like? ;)
I suppose most of us could identify with the feeling mentioned at different times. Its just how we deal with it.

Im not sure about flow and meaning et al , its just a feeling caught in mid air on a particular occasion.I guess you relate to the feeling and way it was captured.
Thanks for the comment.

educatedunemployed said...

So beautifully written. I love the way you express some thing so complex in such simple words.

Scarlett_OHara said...

The most complex things in the world are also the simplest, arent they?
Poetry as I like it, crisp, deep and open to interpretations.

How do you do it?

Ubermensch said...

Thanks for your words.

Seems like Ive hit your sweet spot of poetry, appreciate your comment.
I really dont know about simplifying complex things, Ive always got the complement other way around;), may be it just was a special day.

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