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Thursday, July 20, 2006

How we own our love?

Old one, edited....

I stand before you
with a springbrewing in my heart;
we bare all,
in haste:a naked secret,
old loves, ribs,
navel, and breasts.

I free your tresses from the

grip of a cheap plastic
and let them flow
over your shy eyes
ivory shoulders, Hepburn neck…
I press your warming body, hard against mine;

and between your chuckles, moans;
I wet your temporalis,maxilla,
zygoma,with my beer beaten tongue.

In a mad dance,

I sin you, you sin me,
not two sins,
Just One…
for a small history,
only for us….

Then after a cigarette
and several turns of
the swirling fan blades,
I gaze at your Rodin head in my arms,
lost in deep soulful sleep,

I know it is only now;
I can claim you as mine
and mine alone…
When you wake up
you would start about with going
to a movie and shopping
while I just want to
laze around reading ole books.


Anonymous said...


Uberied this piece from all of us! Why Uber O why?

I don't know what to comment on the poem alone until you brief me on temporalis maxilla zygoma? sounds like a character from The Gladiator?

k a n u r i t e said...

Beautiful.. was reading it twice to see if there was a deeper meaning to it and a Claudel connection.. and realised there wasnt.. I guess I like it even more now for its simpilicity

Ubermensch said...

Hey Maltova,
us? Anyway, ibury poems,images,memories,also hatchets.Like others bury justice and fairness.But i suppose the important thing is to remember where we buried.
I think Uve commented already, anyway here is the wiki link to your question..
help yourself and be led by the other required hyperlinks.

Thank you Kanu,
Im pleased you dropped by here.Im a simple man, though like all simple men, i have complex tastes.
No claudel whatso ever, Rodin perhaps was a poor metaphor to depict my love for the symmetry of her head.

El enigma said...

except for those biological cues to the poem, the rest was really sweet (sinfully sweet albeit!) :)

I liked where you said, it is only now that I can claim u as mine and mine alone...the narration is the most intimate, right there in those words...


Ubermensch said...

thanks for the words, all poems are persons, we like something abt them sometime, when and what depends on us;)

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