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Monday, August 07, 2006


I usually don't do such posts but the following interesting bobs were a part of one of those lengthy e-mails written today, just thought Ill share them here as well.

[1] The hemingway's sixwords- Learnt about it from
Sashi's blog and spent a few minutes thinking about it while biking. Came up with this one-

Epitaph- Wanted all : Cake, Icing, sex.

The brevity exercise reminded me of a particular series of crisp and no-nonsense telegram from Nehru to his father. Just a bit background : Both Jawaharlal Nehru and his father Motilal were well known for writing lengthy letters to each other. But when Nehru was having a frolicky time in Cambridge he made sure most of his communications to his father was a sweet n snappy telegram/s-


Now surely you cant beat that? How many high street stories you can find in the word is left upto your imagination.

Nexty is today's
Gaurdian Blog ( they can hit it grand once in a while in between most other nonsensical attempts).So the tuesday tea time question was....
Turn on books? and Put off books?, kindly read the blog to get the whole idea.

[a]For my conscience, I would be attracted to anyone reading a Finnegan's Wake. And I mean anyone, Man, Woman, God, Ghost.
[b] No put offs, Whatever may be the weight and the wisdom of the book, after all a book is still two dimensional.
So help me God.


El enigma said...

funny article :):) and I'll pray from today that u may run into ghosts reading Finnegan's wake ;)


Ubermensch said...

Thanks enig! That would be on top of the memory charts,..the ghost who shagged me ? also called love in the time of finnegans wake.

Rajesh said...

alright - "Brevity is the soul of art" :)
I counted it.

books and put offs? we are probably talking about two completely different things!
Calvino anyday.
Primo Levi fell in love with his lab mate when he smelled Mann in her bag, remember?

Ubermensch said...

Yes, Of course you surely did.(6)
Books and put offs? Two totally completely absolutely exclusive things;)
Speaking about Calvino, check out this greek italian i learnt about last week-Giorgio de Chirico.
Founded Scoula metafisicia, a painting version of calvino.
Its all in the pasta.
I din know that, tell me it was the magic mountain?

Pradz said...


Totally loved the guardian blog. Reading could actually increase your prospects of getting laid. LOL. Nice blog...

Btw, why aren't you linking your posts to DSS? any geo-political issues? :D

Ubermensch said...

Hye Pradz,
Hope you r well n all.I should be happy you loved te gaurdian blog. What is a lay without a book inbetween, and what is a book without a lay inbetween?
Its sad to see men defining themselves by smileys;);)
And thats an interesting question actually, yes, why dont I?

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