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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Whispers of rescued secrets...

Escape into fugue:
Behold this binah
Our last driedbare bone-
Our hope, our fear
How they have wagered together... weightless
wrapped in answers, no questions?
But confounded, break it never
into tomorrowcoloured heavens.

The act of wonderworship:
There are whispers, there are rumours
What influences are immoral and
what voices grow to be dishonourable?
Purpose and phrases
scarf around and hover
Patterns but, such
is the warm blood in the heart and
watercold in the river.

Unlearning aspect in Experience:
What was such joy of the smiling
nakedflower.. shivering in the aprilshower? Or that
of the tenderpainted lip
you kissed in December? To
retrieve and erase..... reasons, they
repressed-remain, as memorycrumbs
...Unbeknownst , unregistered (but of course reasons
best remain as reasons).

Discipline in Endeavour:
In the fairdistance of dark night, moonless
There is an aging
silentsplendour;effortless,a selfdestructed

preacher too
moves his hand and
all worlds tumble together
(into hope, harmony and honour). Thus,
begin all universe, unadulterated
as it abstractly apparentfloats
grows and shrinks; here
now, before and forever...

Who but,
to herself alone, she must eternally cross-refer?

~Liverpool transit
Draft edited later.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful! You take my breath away, Uber.

El enigma said...

liked the unlearning in experience the most....there is something about the tapestry of words there, which makes the imagery so solemn, yet so sweet....

I'm curious about the sequence in which u wove it all together.....the entire piece, I mean....am not sure if I get the drift...it seems a bit broken in between...don't know why....almost as if you took something out of it and glued the rest together :)

loved it despite of that...I'm wondering if I have to even say that anymore...but I guess wanting to and having to is not the same thing...


sigmund fraud said...

man, this poem is eons away from my league !!!

Ubermensch said...

Thanks for such kind words, glad you could relate.

Thanks as always,
I can imagine the romanticist in you liking the unlearning one.I totally agree with you about the piece being fragmented.I myself felt it quite deeply and though tried finishing it later , I coudnt; so left it as it was. The tiredsome travels perhaps?
I wanted to experiment with schools in each stanza- first with metaphysics, second-ethics, third-empiricism, fourth politics/action. Anyway not happy.

And who better can explain wanting to and having said?:)

Mr. Fraud,
Thank you.However I woudnt agree with you, classes and leagues woudnt apply to poetry, all poems are moments(best explained by hindi word-phal) wrapped with words.They either communicate or dont.What was communicated, why it was communicated etc are all subjective battles.Thats the beauty.Or from another corner pain.

Rajesh said...

I subjected myself the tyranny of imposing a little bit of symbolist/imago/aggregation a-la-eliot and splitting some of the unhyphenated compound words here.

I must confess that even thought the results were mixed, I've got a few like the metaphysics of now in the binah and bodypolitics of action in the broader context of time made way for some interesting insights. thanks.

Ubermensch said...

I thought you would rajesh, given the prophetic influence of Mr stearns and I totally see what you mean by mixed, I can feel it, but as it goes with poetry, it signifies more of a personal meaning.
Im glad it managed to evoke some identification.Thanks for reading and the comment.

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