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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Above all do no harm...

Ever since Finny has tagged me to speak of eight things about ideal partner, I’ve been thinking in its general direction in my available spare time. And honestly I don’t have a friggin clue. Im no Jung to have accumulated the archetype animus in my mind neither do I carry around a list of ideal attributes in my pocket trying to match it against everyone I’ve come across, so in that sense I’m definitely not the right person to answer it as such.
Hence some views on relationship and on the delicate question of a partner as a species of sustainable life form have to be expended in an alternate version.

Obviously Herr Kant was naïve. No relationship is a thing in itself. You meet a person , get attracted , check if its mutual, sustainable and then give it a shot. Or you’ve got to be really drunk or dead desperate both of which of course are nice lil enriching things within themselves.

And marriage (god forbid) is just a natural sequence, not a restore point in life, so if it eventually comes to that shall have to be saved for the very last of the relationship as a tax saving formality. What wisdom do you think Mr Shakespeare LongGone was trying to pass on when he wrote that the valiant die only once? Enough, they say.

So reinterpreting the ideal as a consistently desired attribute I can share a few of my thoughts on the interestingness of the partner (yeah right, flickr term) in my current frame of mind. None of which needless to add are indispensable.

But before that,
I’m a hopeless spiteful Dostoevsky’s underground man. I don’t have values or blind devotion to any particular school unless they make a religion out of alcohol. So refined rubbish like 'to love me unconditionally and to respect me for what I am' shall not be bought or sold. Neither shall be imposing ideas, interests etc encouraged.
Ive omitted mindless profile fillers like interests- which would obviously invite answers that expose the character for e g things like 'I love travelling'. I mean Jezuuuus! who doesn’t? unless he is Kant who never left his watch, umbrella and his city behind. One of the real reasons behind his shite philosophy?
And a few others like music- all of us as humans like one or the other form of sound that during one time or the other can be remotely called music coz we all have now realised because of a certain gentleman, that without music life is a mistake. So now that both of us know we have a shared liking for the melodious music of Missy Elliot , would our relationship 'naturally' become more worthy?
And then of course desire is by nature biological, so physical form is inherent and obvious unless you are blind or buddha. Question remains of compatibility and deviant desiredness like e.g. suprasternal notch as with Mr. Almasy or in my case a lovely chin and delicate neck would settle the story, all of which understandably cant be justified in this medium.

Hence the shamelessness shall be

  • A Woman. ( For now) ...just like we see them in the movies. Hopefully passionate and with a general understanding of herself and the scheme of things. Nothing spectacular. For e.g to understand that Da vinci code is an unputdownable joke book.
  • With no devious agenda - Ive put this here just to remind myself; But seriously we all know that man is not yet advanced to resist the charm of a devious woman. I mean how many of us can defend ourselves if Mata Hari turns up in a mini skirt on the Piccadilly line?

Answer : none!

  • Independent and original - Not like I-choose- my- own- lipstick-independent or I - also -read-Independent-Independent; Yeah- right- now-shall- we- get- on- with- it- independent. By original I mean to be innately able to form objective hypotheses based on observations.To borrow my friend’s eloquence not be a bloody software which brings us to being
  • Opinionated - to hold reason as the basis of opinions and not emotions - which means in light of a rational counter- argument, be open to change it. Lesser emotions the better , what do you reckon life is? A John Lennon song?
    Answer : American John lennon or European?. Next
  • Conversation- effortlessly hold and navigate a reasonably intelligent conversation in toto regardless of the premise and to know that she has held it. By reasonable I mean reasonable -- not saying mindless things like - lets agree to disagree, and a hundred other American phrases like - that’s very interesting, to each his own, all I want to say is , what is the point ? that’s so cute…etc. Then
  • Humour -- spontaneous, abstract , obscure, pedantic both in appreciation and expression.
  • To know at least one different language - to share and swear - take my French - hell is other people! That includes your precious partner.

Thats it I think.Well, that’s seven , then add that little Latin thing

  • primum non nocere - Above all do no harm. Yes, above all.

One of the most unique memes Ive done , lets leave it here unique.

As if we had not enough , now weve got guys like Dawkins beginning to influence our life styles.

PS: This is just a silly meme post, not be mistaken anything else.


Finny Forever said...

yay. at lastus.

Ubermensch said...

never da lessus

Anonymous said...

delightfully funny very much enjoyed it.

Ubermensch said...

Hey are you whom I think you are, if you are then gotta tell you that you crossed my mind when i was typing the post furiously.

Pincushion said...

..and then some more..
(and that from someone who's been married for donkey's (y)ears!;)

Ubermensch said...

smiling back:)
yes more indeed; Ask the old donkey :)

Anonymous said...

owee hiawathaaa,
What about the Terminal 4 trabadour inci? hee
~as ever

Ubermensch said...

In one word -exception.
It is against prinicples of this blog to engage in any negotiation with blackmailers, even if they are friends of hiawatha.

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