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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Salt Symphony...

Listen to what great a silence they behold: Sun in the clear blue sky, the vagrant breeze warm and dry.

The prelude draws its overtures from the reprise.
Slow and steady the tune is built.With the flats and sharps as they gather tempo together with the minors and majors.
Into an experience of this astounding resonance. The voice of orbital orgasm! Whither the moon? Whither the waters? The roar!
As the scale descends, the roar drowns into a death. Only to pass the dying refrain as the theme to the next.
The roar speaks in a million accents: of triumphs , of disappointments , of convictions, of negotiations , of a variety emotions and naked reasons.
In this brutal might there is beauty-- austere or magnifique; but nothing is permitted to last more than the lifetime of a wave.
This is no ordinary orchestra.
This is life, the concert writ against the horizon of constancy .

Agauda, Goa , India
June 2005


Extempore said...

Lovely photos! Sigh... I am probably the ONLY 25 yr old person who can say that it's been 20 years since I last went to Goa! Oh well! :)

. : A : . said...

Very poetic words here. I especially liked the way you begun,

"Listen to what great a silence they behold: Sun in the clear blue sky, the vagrant breeze warm and dry."

The Arbit Council said...

boy those aregood closeups! sure wants me to go back to kovalam or even juhu beach :d

luz de la luna said...

wow great post, Uber :-)

I loved the picutures and the way the progress in time. You sliced up a moment of to ocean time and laid them here with beautiful words like glittering sea shells.

I agree with :A: about those first lines. Magic.

I'm loving all the india posts.

- Martin

Ubermensch said...

glad u liked the photos.In bombay add that anyways oh well:)


arbit council,
thanks fordropping by;yeah, the close ups actually needed some courage to be summoned:)

Oh Luna,
Thanks for the kind words. Im glad you picked up the ocean time .As they say just a note in the symphony:)
Thanks again.

.m. said...

:) because it's awes

Ubermensch said...

madamoiselle ...water lovers inc:))

Sudarshan said...

The voice of orbital orgasm!How true.

Vijay said...

The pictures are good but your words paint a more subtle image !

Mind if i link this on my blog ?

Ubermensch said...

Thnaks,its the feeling and memory of the voice!
Thanks for the words.Feel free.Its a pleasure.

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