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Saturday, July 16, 2005

In Bangalore...

The road that links the airport to the Bangalore city centre is a longish curve through the heart of the city. It runs flanked by a million different things.
The geometrical mirror-windowed buildings of software firms inside which codes and programmes are written ceaselessly, unusual looking hospitals, a random shopping mall or a big shopping complex that pops up between frequent bus stands, colourful and crowded hoardings. Even army offices. A synthesis of sorts.

Heads and more heads and many more heads…..

Among all these, crawls a motley traffic interrupted by umpteen traffic-signals. The ambience is of a carnival. Amidst horrible honks, idling engines, shouts etc, a radio jockey keeps on screaming in the background.

It may be somewhere at the fourth signal I roll down the window, only to receive a multitude of looks and stares from the jam packed crowd beside.

No, not just looks. Not just emotions either.

The absolute horror of blatant judgements on the faces!

This observation, I have it strongly reinforced again and again... ..over time, across dinner tables and even in professional transactions…...'Most Indians are very uncomfortable in hiding their judgement, even if they make any effort, it comes across quite easily'.

I quickly realise what I have forgotten and remove my tie.

May 2005


Sham said...

Welcome Home!

Hul said...

hey - passers by need not be checking you, they might be watching themselves on the glass...


tragicomix said...

to judge is my birthright. and we indians build cages of steel bars of opinions and judgements. there are many freedoms... sigh...how i yearn to escape by devaluation of my prison bars, instant dissolution of morals and values into a soup of identity,.. that is my kind of freedom.

luz de la luna said...

Interesting post. How strange and slightly sad. :-)

- Martin

Ubermensch said...

Sham...indeed some welcome.

may be..:)...Plz..

Tragic comix,
Your freedom is urs and so is ur moral and the value and the judgement of it.

yes strange and sad.more than slightly I would say.

Sudarshan said...

Are you saying we Indians are not hypocrites? ;D

Ubermensch said...

a person who does not give away his judgement and still is totally comfortable is not a hypocrite.

Sudarshan said...

Jokes apart, you sound as though you had a good share of encounters you want to forget in a hurry (during your visit this summer). Are you in a mood to share?

El enigma said...

hahhhhaa..very funny! and I doubt if they wud have been so concerned about ur tie...are u sure it was not something else? :)


Ubermensch said...

Sudhi dear,
I had my share of experiences on which I base my judgement.And I never had any encounters.Moreover I never forget encounters.Probably now you may see what i meant in the blog...!

Yes!!Too many experiences...beyond the scope of the blog.

There you go....
My opinion was affiremd after the tie was displaced.

Anonymous said...

you silly man thousands of people wear tie in bangalore. you might be a monkey to post this hoooo

Ubermensch said...

Dear anonymous,
I take so much space to explain and you do it in a line! THAT, was what i was talking about in displaying your judgements like a showroom.
And It wasnt about wearing ties, it was about wearing judgements.

See, although I pity your school , I still havent given away what I think of you.

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