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Monday, July 18, 2005

For Martin, more London in pixels....

Dug up a few colours from the old box...

Canary wharf...

It was friggin cold and windy and just about to rain with the dreaded workforce streaming past all across in full might at the end of the day.Was feeling like a real daftie, with a stupid camera. Obviously this is nowhere near virgo's, forget yours. Should have been more closer.

City hall...

City hall ; Was so munted that I had to go back and check the next day it was the same building!

Canary wharf...from west india avenue.

This one was a surprise because I had clicked this crossing a signal with my arm stretched up!Just about perfect, save for the focus!

Since the docklands and the wharf offer wonderful subjects , guess a bank holiday weekend would be the best bet!If you are into capturing people and more of life I would also suggest Camden , Cutty sark and the sidewalks of the tower bridge.
so long...


luz de la luna said...

Thanks for digging them out! :-D

You know that last one is my fave! I think it's great. I love that angle and the slight blur actually, in my view, makes it better. The colours are slightly blurred give it a dynamic and ethereal look.

City hall? Good shot. Looks very strange with the lights all lit like that. Like some alien Space ship :-D

The tower is great, isn't it? Like the moody sky it gives the building an interesting look. I would have shot closer yeah :)

So many places I want to shoot... so little time :-D

PS: Like Camdem

Best Wishes
- Martin

. : A : . said...

You are right. The last one probably is the best shot. I have often noticed that the shot that you don't really 'plan' for comes out wonderfully so many times.

Ubermensch said...

Yeah last one is my favourite too,and esp keeping in mind the way it was shot.I think the street light is what makes the difference.
the second is like alien ship..yeah may be the curve..its hard to believe its the same building isnt it?
The tower is bit disppointing but mighty nevertheless!
Camden is lovely isnt it?
More clicks

yeah ive noticed that too.and the most awkward shots turn out excellent.

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