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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Chances are.......

Chances are you are literate, Chances are you are well to do than more than half the world, Chances are you have a modem, Chances are you want to share, Chances are you want to find yourself, Chances are you are idle,Chances are you are ambitious, Chances are you are lonely, Chances are you want to be important, Chances are your want keep track,Chances are you want to beat the hell out off your stress, Chances are you are gifted, Chances are you want to feel togetherness, Chances are you don’t care, Chances are it doesn’t matter, Chances are you are unlearning, Chances are you dont have a clue, Chances are because of the combination of above chances you choose to blog, Chances are someone leaves a comment,Chances are it's lovely, Chances are it's respectful,Chances are it made your day,Chances are it's constructive, Chances are it's impolite, Chances are it's cretin, Chances are it's a toad full of guts, Chances are you feel like ignoring it, Chances are you may say its your blog after all........
Kindly, acknowledge the comment .... if you dont...... there are no chances there.....It is uncivilised... after all it's your blog. Chances are you dont want to, be gracious and turn down the comment option......after all its your blog.


Vavoom said...

Chances are your blog is great! Keep it up, I'll be reading.

dystropoppygus said...

You may stop now.

Fortunate, i feel you are so fortunate.

El enigma said...

chances are......u need some sleep :):)


inspiredbylife said...

: )))
Chances are I'm too bored,
Chances are I'm too lazy,
Chances are the matter is too hyped,
Chances are the matter is too personal,
Chances are I'm not cultured,
Or I'm from a different culture.

Chances are your just too happy...
Chances are your too elated...
Chances are your too envious...
Chances are you may hate my guts!
Chances are a chance is a risk
Or on second thoughts, it may not...
But then why take chances? :)

Man, I hate "Chances"... :D

lol@enig! Yosso, you def. need some extra sleep man! :)))

Vijayalaxmi said...

Nice, nice

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

chances are that is the last chance ..

. : A : . said...

Excellent post. Really liked the build up of the chances!


IdeaSmith said...

Interesting start with an unexpected ending....glad I took the chance and read through this post.

IdeaSmith said...

I can't believe it..i saw one comment deleted from this post...just after vijaylaxmi's...what is this to mean??!!!

Ubermensch said...

thanks for dropping by,hope to live up to it..!

so are you, thank you:)

enig and IBL,
For the last time... ask my mom, she swears that I slept all the sleep of my life between 10 and 12 :))

IBL chances are you want to just raincheck your reasons..:)

long time..? new vanishing cream ?

chances are there is last one after last..

thank you, appreciate it.just wanted to say something which ive been meaning to say for sometime.

Idea smithy...(love that nick)
thank you,..if you are wondering if i deleted...nopes i donbelive in that, it must be kishore himself..

Anonymous said...

well .. Blogger screwed up the last chance and hence I took another and realized that there were two comments now ... So, I deleted one.. Now I am out of chances ...

Maybe chances are that there are a few more tucked away..

AdHocQuirks said...

so many chances...for a comment on a blog...nice :)

Ubermensch said...

thank u..slate clean again:)

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Anonymous said...

Chances are you are getting older.. :))

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