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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Yellow Journalism...

Well, this is such a shame! The only soul in India who is striving to expand consciousness being interviewed by a haughty, useless journalist.

I think this is a journalistic reference of how not to conduct an interview.


do not emphasise( You mussst knnnnow that!)
do not interrupt
do not attempt to disregard
do not announce you are a moron (take your time)
do not gesture your hand into the personal space of the interviewee
do not crack cheap jokes
laugh yourself like a cretin
do not talk in between
do not utter a bye while shaking hands
and finally
please, do not forget to thank the interviewee.

in short do not make a fool of yourself

as i said, these are the basics i picked up on one viewing. Im not at all getting into quality, coherence, flow, social-sense, intellectual regard and other miscellaneous trivia (Christie is outsold only by Bible and Shakespeare).

Thank God the man had the patience to bear with her, if it was someone else (imagine Galloway), Im sure she would have been traumatised for her life. If it was me, I would have slapped her after the second minute and politely told her what i thought of her, that she is not only an imbecile with a room temperature IQ but also a hopelessly ugly creature with an unforgivable dress sense.

Can someone put her on pension and relieve her burden.

PS Notice the transcript of th interview which has been sanitised on the website, and would give a totally diferent impression of the interview which is not remote from my experience of bloggers good on paper turning out to be first rate morons.


Rajesh said...

that is quite a strong opinion, and befitting! In fact I gave that interview a go without thinking much when I saw it on their POS unit.

The other day it was Shoaib Akthar's turn to strut stuff in a ladies-only giggle-fest on IBN floor!

Ubermensch said...

I dont follow any interviews at all. That was a forward and I checked it out for Aamir.
She cant even chose a proper dress for herself, which is disgusting for a woman. So what can we expect her to master, subtelty?
Thanks for commenting, Im glad you share my view.

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