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Thursday, December 27, 2007


It was Time back in May which first let out the whispers of Benazir Bhutto’s possible power sharing alliance with Pervez Musharraf and their secret meetings in Abu Dhabi.
Right then we knew.

We knew , each and every one of us, that she was walking back not to her country but to her grave. And deep down, I suppose she had known as well, yet one cant be sure whether it was patriotism or power or a combination of both that compelled her to go back. But whatever it might be, no one can take away that she was brave. Something her killers arent.

Now, Pakistan would be in shards, and soon in splinters when Musharraf would be a victim of his inevitable fate. If things don’t resolve quickly ie if Pakistan doesnt accept it as an inevitable event without much bloodshed, as they have done before we might be looking at the first UN troops deployment there in the future. The year's not over yet. Not in Pakistan. It must be feeling like being in a videogame there.

Reminded me this extract from Micromegas by Voltaire ; this is a conversation between a Man, a gigantic inhabitant of planet Sirius who is visiting the earth and a tellurian philosopher. Although it does apply in many contexts, it has never been more apt.

“O ye intelligent atoms, in whom the supreme being has been pleased to manifest his omniscience and power, without doubt your joys on this earth must be pure and exquisite; for being unencumbered with matter, and--to all appearance-- little else than soul, you must spend your lives in the delights of pleasure and reflection, which are the true enjoyments of a perfect spirit. True happiness I have nowhere found; but certainly here it dwells.”

“We have matter enough,” answered one of the philosophers, “to do abundance of mischief…. You must know, for example, that at this very moment, while I am speaking, there are hundred thousand animals of our own species covered with hats, slaying an equal number of their fellow-creatures, who wear turbans; at least they are either slaying or being slain; and this has usually been the case all the earth from time immemorial.”

“Miscreants!” cried the indignant Sirian; “I have a good mind to take two or three steps, and trample the whole nest of such ridiculous assassins under my feet.”

“Don’t give yourself the trouble,” replied the philosopher; “they are industrious enough In securing their own destruction. At the end of ten years the hundredth part of these wretches were not survive…. Besides, the punishment should not be inflicted upon them, but upon those sedentary and slothful barbarians who, from their palaces, give orders for murdering one million of men and then solemnly thank God for their success.”

~ Micromegas, Voltaire


adhocquirks said...

i never knew about the lady, except for she was a prime minister of a country. The first emotion i felt when i read about her death was grief...and wonderment that there are people who are brave, even in these times...

adhocquirks said...

and yes, this extract of yours is apt.

Rajesh said...

The problem with the neigbor lies in their angst of nationhood. Like Israel, harking back on religious glory with scant respect to geopolitics and modern age of lost innocence is fraught with devastation.

Aren't we witnessing the sad spectacle of fratricides in epic scale?

Ubermensch said...

Thanks Adhoc.
Hmmmm. Geopolitics-i think except for trade the term wasnt as strategic before but now the post cold war crumble, things have chnaged dramatically. It is the relative infancy of the concept that eludes their uneducated religious bent minds. But having said that, Its been more like a videogame than a state . Imagine people killing, shedding blood, conspiracies, leaders getting killed, leaders running away, guns, suicide bombers; so the problem should be internal.
Sad yes, and now dangerous. Looks like first chapter of Huntington's cultural zones.

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