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Thursday, December 20, 2007


Quite long back, we had returned from the premier of Lagaan , one of the only three bollywood movies I have watched in a cinema. A casual conversation in the campus made me jot down how we are witness to a monumental change in the history of bollywood thought. The scrap of paper found its way onto the canteen wall and subsequently, thanks to a friend into a magazine, earning me quite a sum. All I said in essence was to watch this Man.

After almost decade the time has arrived . Never have I hoped for the success of any movie like today. Good luck My Man!

PS- The intial responses have been promising. One of them, from someone valued being an easy academy nomination?


Anonymous said...

A bit off the topic, but nevertheless..

How about a year end post on books and movies. Your readers will love it.


Ubermensch said...

Woah!Im flattered by the use of readers. I have very small and committed group, mostly friends who follow the blog, so Who be this? Reveal thyself?

Sounds good, but Im afraid I havent seen or read as much this year. Lets accept it, I must eb growing old. Nos eriously i dont think I would be adding anything novel.


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