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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Memories of rain.....

Of what memories such a feeling is made of? You wonder.
When it has just stopped raining in the afternoon and a bright finger of sun pierces past the edge of scattering clouds and you hear a blackbird sing somewhere from the dripping leaves and you remember how once, in such an afternoon she stood before your door, dripping from head to toe and how slowly that tiny speckle of raindrop went along her temple, cheek, jaw and the neck…and then you had heard the blackbird sing too “What the hell are you looking at?”

Did it hurt? Hell no! It didn’t then.

You had managed with a quick “You forgot the umbrella ?” but later that raindrop had followed you around with such a lingering perfume of rain and smile that in memory of that raindrop you had a colourful tattoo done on your forearm: of water, bird and sun and then every one you came across the next day gazed admiringly at it; yes, some touching it, asking that one question every again “Oh ! it should have hurt? ”

"Huh! As if it didn’t?" You thought.
But quickly you put that fake smile on your face and said “well, not much” and after such a long day when you returned home; done and tired, threw yourself on the couch sipping a cheap wine and absently gazed at the design and asked yourself "Did it hurt"?
The water, bird and the sun ?? and finally muttered...

"Yes, it does now".
"I look at you and it hurts".You catch yourself saying.Then, you smile asking yourself, why the hell you didn’t speak this 'then' ..........?

Like how Tobey had spoken to a naked Charlize. With a hand on his heart.

Bangalore' 05
Sashi, some more of airing the laundry.


El enigma said...

"I look at you and it hurts"

....there is nothing more precious than such a realization I would think.....pain fathoms the depth of a relationship far more than happiness does....

it's a nice mosaic of memories u've build here......


T said...

enigma--i agree with you...it is the pain by which we are able to measure what was/is between two.

uber-darling. i wonder what it would have cost you to say those words at the moment where they could've changed your entire life. why hold them back? we should all be walking around ever-bursting with things we don't say and should...but i also believe in better late, you know...so if Sashi is who u might have said it to then, i hope she reads it now and...it still touches that place there inside her that will always be your place...and yes...before i forget--lovely, this.

Free Spirit said...

A matter of rain piercing not just the clouds in the sky, eh?

detracked said...


Ubermensch said...

Quite true enig! Of course isn’t pain a more memorable form of love too?
Thank you.

fuego ,
Oh no! All foul this. You had it wrong.
Sashi is a male, weaver of lovely words. You can find him here
One of his pieces reminded me of this write-up.
Straight ideas please:)

Thanks definitely more than that:
Time space n more…

welcome.tx for dropping by.

Sudarshan said...

Dude, you were in Bangalore? Pity we couldnt meet. The post is lovely.

luz de la luna said...

Your writing is superb :-)

Keep writing... please!

Ubermensch said...

yup sudhi
its a shame, my fault though.
cudnt space it right.hope is a big thing:)

luna dear,
thank u.

T said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Appreciate it. Will be much more careful in future. :)

Ubermensch said...

u better do....;)

Vijay said...

That really is a great post man ! Your vivid and graphic narration is wonderful.

This is my first time at your site and am loving your style of writing ! Keep it coming !

Ubermensch said...

Thank you Vijay.Its very heartening to have such lovely words for feedback.Do visit often.

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