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Monday, June 20, 2005

Notes 2 : Bombay First peep

As the plane descends through the last of the clouds an expanse of the neon washed Bombay grows slowly from the darkness beneath. Petite islets of bright lands with their slow flashing vehicles scattered all over the dark interrupted sea; a picture of a huge electric pancreas. The smell of the might and the spirit from miles afar.
Bombay is not any city but a giant galaxy that cares for no one.

A rough screech declared the landing. It has rained.

Found in a sticky in my jeans pocket at the laundry today.
Once free I’m going to dump here the 2 notebooks and a dictation. You have been warned.


Free Spirit said...

For some reason, I liked this sentence: "Bombay is not any city but a giant galaxy that cares for no one."

I'm still pondering about it, as of now.

Ubermensch said...

thanks belle
it cares for no one.

El enigma said...

how do u do it? write or make notes while travelling that is.....I can't....so many times, I have felt that there is something I need to say, or write - right here, right now....and true that it gets lost in my mind by the time I come back.....but then, there in those moments, when I am with my thoughts...the precious ones that matter....I just want to live them up...half or full...and have this aversion towards penning them down right there....but maybe that is the way u live ur moments...maybe it comes naturally to u to write about them the moment u experience them?


luz de la luna said...

I liked "Bombay is not any city but a giant galaxy that cares for no one." also :-)

I think this is a very good description of all cities around the world.


Ubermensch said...

I’m afraid enig, it has no single answer. I know how you mean it.. I usually carry a palm sized notebook and jott down , but I know its uncomfortable doing that all the time. The other thing is to use a Dictaphone at the end of the day (when ur very busy)so u record the evnts feeling and thoughts of teh day. Think its matter of getting used to it.Even stickies and mobile phones could come in handy.Practice is the word.
But the best feelings are the one you have let go and then they comeback to you and find their long lost words.

Indeed luna.Totally agree with you luna, didn’t plato say ‘a city is man writ against a horizon’.One has to just feel it when he is about to be there.


small squirrel said...

Part of me is very sad that I will miss Bombay on this trip. Of course I will miss 99% percent of India so I will hardly know what I have missed, yeah.

I always bring a journal. And also a small notebook. And I used the note recording function on my mobile.

Am sure I will have some enigmatic things to share after my journey.

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