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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Indian Colours

It is impossible to express India's particular beauty in black-and-white. Black-and-white might be a good medium to convey Europe's fear and alienation, but colour is natural for an Indian, and more appropriate for the extraordinary diversity of India. Unlike European art, Indian art did not have the tradition of independent black-and-white sketches and drawing. If any line drawings were made, they were for being filled out in colour. Colour is the fountain of India. Colour is the basis of the entire rasa theory, that governs Indian painting, dance, music, and literature.

~Raghubir Singh

Snap: Women section at the Flag Lowering Ceremony, Wagah, India-Pakistan Border, 2006


Asha said...

O pleas. Raghubir can stuff a thing up. The color phenomenon is a recent fad. Only 3 generations back, it was just white (clothing), green and brown (soil, tiles, houses) in many parts of India. How about saying the Indians recent indulgence in color is to cover up their intellectual lack of it.
Boy does raghbir know how to play to the kitsch fetish of a fearful and alientated European crowd.

Ubermensch said...

Relax love. You speak as if Indians werent aware of any colour at all before a couple of generations. A good look into any space of the kingdoms in India - from teh royal durbars to daily markets to Dhobi ghats would surprise you.

Obviously you dont know Europe where even colours of the doors, houses is regulated by the council.

Dont be so marxist.

Asha said...

Restricted to palaces and marches that too in centuries beyond the last - your vaunted color was in Europe too, maybe not as dazzled in the sunlight. Better restrict yourself to the rigor of views, rulings and implementation of such by local councils. How about jaunty townplanning?
I would not recommend u relax - u need to be more vigilant,

Ubermensch said...

Your so conphused love; go to Sudan for a while.

Asha said...

And Dove, you're exactly where you should be

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