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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Haunting Book Covers

Some book covers haunt you like anything. A few months back when Finny put up Lempicka’s The Telephone, I was left with that so very familiar feeling of I’ve seen it somewhere before. I even subconsciously associated the soft cubist painting style with The Great Gatsby. I was almost sure I had seen it on the cover of one its editions. But even after a quick 10 minute search-affair with google going through various covers of the Gatsby book I wasn’t much lucky. I eventually gave up. But almost unexpectedly today I came across the original painting that was haunting me. Google kindly pointed out that the mentally elusive Young Girl in Green was indeed the cover of The Great Gatsby of the Oxford world Classics Edition. Green after all. So there. Sorted.

But my favourite Gatsby cover is the Divers (below) , photographed by George Hoyningen-Huene for the Swimwear by Izod of London ( 1930). I think it captures both complex relationship with Jay and Daisy from a quite hypontic distance.

May be the covers of Ulysses sometime?


Anonymous said...

Ha, nice find. I find myself rooting for posts like these than, say, the sad state of Indian blogosphere. ;-) (and I demonstrate how I care for trivia more than wisdom, don't I?)

Meant to leave a comment when Finny posted the Telephone on Pigmy, for some reason it reminded me of Grace Kelly in Dial M for Murder, looking at it again, that shade of green satin is something I've come to associate with Atonement, the movie.

Ubermensch said...

Thanks. Ah, believe me, all trivia transforms itself into nostalgia at this side of 25.
Yes, now that you tell you me, I can see how natural it is to relate to Atonement, but my excuse is keira the bony lass isnt half as good as the subject of the painting. Plus, I ahvent seen the movie yet.

Anonymous said...

lempicka - interesting for a society person, she made lonely time for her paintings.

Anonymous said...


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