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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Why Banville is Word God?

A few days back in an online group, a debate was opened about the personal significance of John Banville's writing. Here is a Fellow-Banville-Lover writing why he is important to her: He articulates a feeling that you thought couldnt be articulated. The following is an extract from The Newton Letter, why I agree with her- fond memory of a feeling, when I was young and discovering United Kingdom jaunting all across on trains. He captures the very pulse of the moment, and it is why I have to return to Banville again and again.

I WAS BORN DOWN THERE, in the south, you knew that. The memories I have of the place are of departures from it.I am thinking of Christmas trips to Dublin when I was a child, boarding the train in the dark and watching through the mist of my breath on the window the frost-bound landscape assembling as the dawn came up. At a certain spot every time, I can see it still, day would at last achieve itself. The place was a river bend, where the train slowed down to cross a red metal bridge. Beyond the river a flat field ran to the edge of a wooded hill, and at foot of the hill there was a house, not very big, solitary and square, with a steep roof. I would gaze at that silent house and wonder, in a hunger of curiosity, what lives were lived there. Who stacked that firewood, hung that holly wreath, left those tracks in the hoarfrost on the hill? I can't express the odd aching pleasure of that moment. I knew, of course, that those hidden lives wouldn’t be much different from my own. But that was the point. It wasn't the exotic I was after, but the ordinary, that strangest and most elusive of enigmas.

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